VIDEO > Margate Police Chief Meets With Homeowner Association

WATCH VIDEOS. Margate Police Chief Hankinson speaks with members of the Margate Homeowners Association.

MHA President, Jay Weintraub was host of this online townhall from OCT 23, 2021.

  • Crime Prevention. Lock your car, homes, garage, bikes.
  • Watch out for phone and email scams. Stop or forward your mail when away.
  • Beware ‘Porch Pirates’. Use motion detectors & lights. They act as deterrent.
  • Margate Road Diet success. No more blinking lights.

Teen trouble. NJ Gov Murphy tied hands of all cops in regards to juvenile crime. Only so much they can do. All shore towns have same challenge. WAWA.

  • Traffic signage. Between 2-3000 motor vehicle stops each year.
  • AirBnb, VRBO. Short term rentals. Must register with city.
  • Teens using shore homes without parental guidance.
  • New ordinance about rabbits. Poison. Keeping track of dead rabbits.

Dirt bike gangs taking over streets.

NJ Gov Phil Murphy has placed constraints on law enforcement via controversial juvenile reform.

Police can’t pursue illegal motor bikes and unregistered ATV’s.

Is there another Bocca Restaurant shut down of Essex Ave for 2022? Hankinson believes that answer is NO.

Downbeach Express / Margate causeway reckless driving. Jurisdiction of EHT, but MCPD can stop driver on Jerome Ave.

In Margate, there are approx 175 registered AirBnBs (short-term rentals via online). Margate becoming more transient with relaxed rules for short-term rentals.

Lamberti’s on Amherst update. Eyesore.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO > Margate Police Chief Meets With Homeowner Association”

  1. Thank You So Much Jay for your interest and help with the LAMBERTI
    building. It seems no one cares about this issue. If you do not live nearby,
    you still should. This can happen anywhere in Margate. Remember, money talks.
    This was an inside deal made for an advantage on both sides. Typical politics.

    1. Maybe find out who insures this site and confirm all insurance is in order. Empty construction sites for extended period of time can be a concern for insurers. Does the City of Margate still have liability there. Part of that building is built on a Margate City Sidewalk, which I assume, still belongs to the city and the people of Margate. If you look at it carefully where the sidewalk should be you will see what I refer to.

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