VIDEO: Ventnor Commission Meeting June 25, 2020

Video. Ventnor Commission. June 25.

A Ventnor homeowner would like to see the city paint the word UNITY in big, yellow letters in front of Ventnor City Hall. The public comment came during the June 25, Ventnor Commissioners meeting.

A resident expressed desire to have City of Ventnor make ‘a bold statement’ about how ‘beautifully diverse’ the town is.

Mayor Beth Holtzman likes the idea. Others, not so much.

A recent ‘Unity’ focused event held in Brigantine was broadcast live on Facebook. Hundreds watched online as invited speaker / BLM activist, Patrick Jeanty of Atlantic City, documented the march thru Brigantine. Watch Video Here. (warning: very strong language)

Social Media Comment: How about a ‘thin blue line’ flag on the Ventnor Boardwalk, supporting local police? Residents think that’s a better way to bring the community together, as Police departments across the country face pressure from those wanting to modify and/or reduce public safety efforts.

In Other Ventnor Commissioner News…

Non-voting Ventnor 2nd homeowners would like more input in how City Hall makes decisions.

The largest group of Ventnor taxpayers are seasonal, or summer-only residents, making up close to 75% of the local tax base.

How can ALL Ventnor residents provide feedback? The Mayor says: try the city website, email, instant messenger, phone, social media, etc.

SEE CLICK FIX: another tool to provide Ventnor feedback and input.

Ventnor Community Advisory Board

Ad Hoc Citizen Advisory Committee may provide recommendations and ideas, make suggestions, and bring issues or information to the attention of City Government.

  • Committee of 15 members
  • Mix of full and part-time residents
  • Advisory only
  • Should meet with Commissioners 1x per month

Are they active? Their social media page has been dormant for quite a while, or so it seems.

VIDEO: Ventnor Commission Meeting June 25, 2020 1 VIDEO: Ventnor Commission Meeting June 25, 2020
Dormant Site?

Description of committee.

It is expected the Ad Hoc Citizen Advisory Committee may focus on various areas and operations of city government, including but not limited to finance and budget, public works, public safety, economic development, code and construction, and recreation.

The Committee is advisory in nature and cannot take any action which will bind the City.

While Facebook & Twitter can be helpful, they’re limited in total reach and effectiveness. That’s because they’re free. Unless of course, you pay to ‘boost’ your post.

Members of the Ventnor Commission voiced displeasure in some Facebook groups, calling them ‘too negative’.


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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ventnor Commission Meeting June 25, 2020”

    1. I agree
      Enough is enough
      Second homeowners in Ventnor should have the right to vote or somehow be heard and represented.
      Or pay 1/4 of the taxes we pay.

      1. Don’t you all know that “committees” don’t do a thing.
        They don’t make a difference.
        They are just a way to appease people.
        It is time for some big changes in Ventnor.
        In my humble opinion.

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