Wake-up Call for Parents of Atlantic City School Students

Watch video from Dec. 16, 2021.

Parents of Atlantic City High School students turning up the heat on elected officials.

Note: Ventnor is ‘sending district’ to Atlantic City High School. Ventnor sends 191 kids to ACHS at taxpayer cost of $4 million per year. Ventnor voted YES to awarding 12% raise for outgoing school boss, Barry Caldwell. Ventnor endorsed principal that’s been under investigation for alleged role in student abuse.

Watch latest WEHA radio webcast from local activists, Steve Young and Henry Hank Green. Blunt commentary on the state of Atlantic City Schools. The good, bad, and ugly.

Nepotism. Intimidation. Harassment. Sex crimes perpetrated by Principal Small’s relative. Are kids safe within the Atlantic City School District?

Ventnor Michael Cupeles Atlantic City School Board
Ventnor’s Michael Cupeles

LaQuetta Small should never become school district superintendent. Her mishandling of the student sex abuse case is telling.

Concerned Ventnor Mom

Why did Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman endorse disgraced principal, LaQuetta Small, for Atlantic City School Superintendent?

Watch video from Oct. 26, 2021.

Investigation of Kayan Frazier student sex scandal in Atlantic City.

Majority of school board voted against funding of independent investigation.

  • Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small
  • Atlantic City High School Principal, LaQuetta Small
  • Retiring School District Superintendent, Barry Caldwell

See: LaQuetta Small and Kayan Frazier documents here:

Non-sensical pay raises and promotions. High cost of low grades.


4 thoughts on “Wake-up Call for Parents of Atlantic City School Students”

  1. I am deeply saddened that Mayor of Ventnor supports a corrupt Atlantic City school board. Keeping kids safe should be job #1.

  2. Shame? Holtzman needs to take a self assessment of her morals and decide if she wants to change and as a public servant protect the children of Ventnor or continue to put the children at risk. Building a new pier office and a new guard office is nice but you will be forever known as the public servant who voted for a molester protecter to be guiding the children of ventnor

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