VIDEO – Congressman LoBiondo: Dunes & Back Bay Flooding

Are downbeach dunes really needed? NJ Congressman & Ventnor resident Frank LoBiondo once told radio host Harry Hurley: the damage we (Margate & Ventnor) suffered from a past storm was not from the ocean side, it was from the back bay the rising waters. Watch video below from January 2015.

Downbeach is preparing for a poorly-timed shutdown of beaches, complete with bulldozers, 24/7 dredging and pumping.

Part of the Congressman LoBiondo’s  responsibilities: line-up tens of billions of dollars in emergency help from federal government.

LoBiondo: His job was to ‘make the money available’ for dune building in Ventnor and Margate & support Army Corp of Engineers.

Public Comment: The DEP is driving this questionable spend of tax dollars for questionable benefits of a man-made dune. Bulkheads are working fine. The Department of Environmental Protection is supposed to be an organization that protects the environment. Why cause substantial environmental disruption with dredging, stirring up sea-bottom contaminants, and fake dune-building that negatively affects coastal marine life, fishing…and enjoyment by those who love the Jersey shore?


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