Congressman LoBiondo, a Ventnor Resident, Talks Dune Expense and Back Bay Flooding

NJ Congressman Frank LoBiondo made it very clear to Radio host Harry Hurley, back in Jan of 2015: there’s no local cost share if/when dunes are poured along the shores of Absecon Island; Margate, Ventnor & Longport.

That’s not entirely true. Replenishment of old dunes & beaches is mandated when you sign a deal with the Army Corp of Engineers.  About every three years you pay and get  more sand…. whether your Jersey shore town needs it or not.

Ventnor is mandated by contract, to have more sand dumped onto their already robust dune system. They’ll need to borrow in order to pay $450,000 to the Army Corp of Engineers this year.


Part of the Congressman LoBiondo’s  responsibilities: line-up tens of billions of dollars in emergency help from federal government…and make those funds available to the State of New Jersey.

LoBiondo admits the problem is the back bay….not the front ocean.

One part of the emergency relief plan supported by NJ Governor Christie…was a mitigation fund that would let the Army Corp of Engineers construct dunes along the entire State of NJ. Some Jersey towns said thanks, but no thanks. Problem is…..if a town were to ‘opt out’…. some say it would negatively affect the neighboring towns. Fear tactics?

It’s not the Army Corp of Engineers driving this (from a construction standpoint)…it’s the DEP driving this (State of NJ)…says LoBiondo.

From a money standpoint, Mr. LoBiondo and Congress get the money…and points to where it will be spent. A one size fits all solution building dunes….every 3 years….is what they decided on.

NJ Congressman Frank LoBiondo spent a full hour answering un-filtered questions about decisions affecting South Jersey, as well as the country at large.


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