Watch Video> Longport Mayor Russo Describes Harm of Re-usable Plastic Bags

Mayor Nick Russo of Longport, and neighboring Margate & Ventnor, have stepped up their efforts to discourage the use of single-use plastic bags. This could eventually lead to a total ban on the distribution of plastic bags at local businesses. WATCH VIDEO.

The Board of Longport Commissioners recently passed a resolution encouraging residents to use reusable cloth bags and educate others about how detrimental plastic bags are to marine life.

According to statistics, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags every year and these plastic bags don’t decompose. They break down into smaller pieces that wind up in the oceans, killing more than 100,000 sea animals and 1 million sea birds every year. They pollute waterways, clog sewers and cause unsightly litter.

“This action will sensitize the people of Longport and other governing bodies to realize that there is an alternative, which is reusable cloth bags,” Mayor Nicholas Russo said. “If funding should become available, we could distribute cloth bags here in Longport. Longport was the first of the three shore towns to pass a municipal resolution. Margate took a first step by banning the release of lighter than air mylar and latex balloons, which can injure marine life.

Sustainable Margate Chairwoman Monica Coffey said. “The fact that the Downbeach communities, along with Surfrider Foundation, are partnering together on this should give us all a lot of hope that change can happen here, too.”

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