What’s Buzzing in Margate and Ventnor?

Downbeach Foodie News

  • Former Sage location to become ‘Aroma’.
  • Waterdog Smoked Fish. Not easy converting a bank to an eatery. Look for mid-late summer opening.
  • Plans underway for Downbeach Restaurant Week?
  • Miami Burger in Margate almost finished with indoor seating & ordering construction.
  • Santucci’s Square Pizza construction moving along quickly.

Ventnor mixed-use building proposed

Planning board to discuss mixed use development on land next to SAPORE. Bellmawr Holdings, LLC is seeking Ventnor Planning Board approvals to build a three-story mixed use building on vacant land located at 6503-6513 Ventnor Avenue.

The building would house five commercial units on the ground floor and five residential units on the second floor.

Ventnor Real Estate
Mixed Use Development On The Way?

Other Margate & Ventnor News

C-sure playground on Ventnor boardwalk still closed. Will keep all posted when repairs start…and are finished.

Margate Parking lot ( formerly owned by Johnny’s Cafe ) to open for paid parking, Summer 2019.

Bullet voting & write in candidate could fare well in the upcoming MAY 14 Margate election.

Portions of Amherst Ave in Margate still collapsing.

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