Why Did Ventnor Mayor Support Disgraced Atlantic City Principal?

Did Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman read the FBI report? It’s graphic: 95 pages of dangerous mismanagement of student sex abuse within the Atlantic City School District. (See report below)

During public comment on Jan 27, Mr. Craig Callaway addressed Ventnor Commissioners. He’s a father and a grandfather. Not only does he care about giving kids a great education, Callaway cares about their safety while in class.

Here are some statements made by Mr. Callaway. (Watch Video Above)

I’m here today because Ventnor is a ‘sending district’ to ACHS. Ventnor sends 191 students to ACHS at a cost of $4 million per year.

As a concerned parent, I respectfully ask Ventnor Mayor Holtzman, and Commissioners Landgraf & Kriebel, to take that $4 million and split it up.

Give that money to parents of those 191 students. Let them use that money to attend a better, safer high school.

Why consider this?

#1. Atlantic City High School (ACHS) is not safe and it’s getting worse. Growing student violence. Lack of property security. No accountability. Much worse than local media reports.

#2. Less than 25% of ACHS students can pass a basic Math or English test.

#3. The new AC School Superintendent, LaQuetta Small, is still a defendant in a lawsuit regarding student sex abuse. LaQuetta Small is the wife of AC Mayor Marty Small.

As you are well aware, a relative of Laquetta Small, Kayan Frazier, was a substitute teacher in the AC school district. He’s now in jail for child porn.

LaQuetta Small was supposed to keep young students safe. She failed in her most important duty.

She didn’t do enough to also stop the child abuse perpetrated by her cousin; taking young students home and sleeping with them. That’s a fact.

School principal LaQuetta Small didn’t even call local police. Even after being fired from the school district, LaQuetta Small kept quiet when her cousin was later hired by NJ Child protective service, a NJ state job dealing with troubled kids.

In closing, I want to address this UNANSWERED question:

Prior to supporting LaQuetta Small for Atlantic City School Boss, did Ventnor commissioners read the 95 page FBI report that shared all the ugly details?

If you read that report, you most certainly would NOT have voted for LaQuetta Small for School District Superintendent.

With all due respect, we pray that Ventnor officials reconsider their support of a dangerous and immoral Atlantic City School District.

2 thoughts on “Why Did Ventnor Mayor Support Disgraced Atlantic City Principal?”

  1. Very disappointed that Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman supported LaQuetta Small. Children are sent to school with the expectation that they will learn in a safe environment.


  2. Mayor child molester protector. Use this as an example to your children of how someone with no morals VOTES and STANDS with Child molesters.

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