Will Bocca Outdoor Expansion Affect Public Safety Response Time?

Commissioner Amodeo

Essex Ave homeowners are questioning Margate Commissioner, John Amodeo about the planned Bocca street take-over.

It’s a 90 day shutdown of Essex Ave. This will allow Bocca Restaurant to expand their summer business.

How will this affect response time for police, fire and ambulance?

Plenty of safety concerns from Essex Ave neighbors.

A few extra minutes for an ambulance to enter this block of Essex Ave? Getting out of this neighborhood could take longer too.

Mr. Amodeo, will this summer-long Bocca expansion hurt public safety response time?

Essex Ave Neighbors
Listen to Bocca Owner.

Thank you for your consideration.

Essex Ave Homeowners.

10 thoughts on “Will Bocca Outdoor Expansion Affect Public Safety Response Time?”

  1. kristian d giordano


    Government should help people not make living more difficult.

    Noise, trash, parking. Having to make a U turn to exit your street.

    NEED CONSTANT PRESSURE, Bocca wrong, Three Amigos wrong. Essex ave residents sue Bocca. Everyone else BOYCOTT

  2. Don’t go to Bocca! How would you like to live on Essex? Have to make U turn on narrow street .WRONG , SUE THEM

  3. Outrageous. Margate commission closing Essex Ave. Not safe! What’s going on with those Margate commissioners? Who are they working for?

  4. Don’t understand why a business gets special treatment while homeowners get inconvenienced for two summers in a row.

    Maybe homeowners should be compensated for the sacrifices that have been pushed on them.

  5. Bocca has opened their government sponsored unpaid space. What a disgrace. Essex Avenue.

    Living on this one-way street: cars going in both directions. To leave home, must make U turn and go into neighbors driveway.

  6. The act of closing the street is breaking many laws.

    Why the only business in Margate getting special treatment?

    What about Down Beach Deli, Barrels, etc. They both suffered tremendous damage too.

  7. Margate Charlie

    I’m sure the mayor would be none to pleased if Essex ave across Ventnor ave was blocked and no one could get to the hardware store.

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