Will Downbeach Schools Adopt Controversial Sex Ed Standards?

Why do so few South Jersey school boards provide online access to their meetings? Something they don’t want us to see?

Most parents surprised to find that their local school boards are adopting a new, controversial sex and gender curriculum supported by NJ Gov Phil Murphy and the state teachers union; NJEA.

Will your town ‘opt-out’ of teaching advanced sex and gender topics to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders?

Watch video clips from out-of-state school board meetings. Parents raging mad. Kids are being taught adult topics at too young an age, say parents.

If you’re in Margate or Ventnor, what’s your school board doing? Have any idea? As a parent, have you ever reviewed your kid’s curriculum? Ever watch video of the meeting?

NJ Governor Murphy has mandated that every school district update their core curriculum standards. 

Mom’s, you better wake up! We have lost a generation of kids to this sickness.

Ocean City Patch comment.

Governor Murphy wants it, but it’s not mandatory. That’s according to Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity, a non-profit, education organization. The most offensive part is the sex standards, says Grossman.

Ocean City School Board facing major pushback from parents. See letter from new OC Superintendent below.

Listen to Seth Grossman discuss further on the John Demasi WPG radio show from Sept. 10, 2022.

Listen to Grossman & DeMasi

Currently, Margate and Ventnor do not provide online video access to their Board of Education meetings.

Who should you contact for more info about your Downbeach school district? Mayor Becker of Margate and Mayor Holtzman of Ventnor. Both have the power to appoint / influence school boards.

Catherine Horn: President of Margate Board of Education. (609) 822-2080

Douglas Biagi: President of Ventnor Board of Education. Contact here.

Editors note: Ventnor does excellent job streaming their Commission meetings. You can watch live online. You can even comment online via ZOOM. Ventnor Commission videos are then posted to YouTube for viewing on demand.

Would towns lose state financial support if they opt-out of these new school standards?

Every school district in New Jersey can reject those standards. So far, only 13 out of 500+ NJ school districts did so. 

They want to force the schools to teach this explicit sex to very young children, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade.

Seth Grossman, Liberty and Prosperity

Why inject sexuality at that young age? It’s just disgusting’ says Grossman.

Ocean City Council is on the side of parents. A majority of the OC school board voted against the wishes of parents.

Ocean City Protesters Denounce State’s Sex Ed Curriculum

Margate, Ventnor and Brigantine appoint their school boards. Whereas in Atlantic City and Ocean City, they elect their Board of Education.

The NJEA teachers union is pushing this.

Liberty and Prosperity

Grossman: These new ‘standards’ are likely being adopted without most parents even knowing it’s going on.

PATCH comment section: “Parents at the very least should have the opportunity to know beforehand what exactly their child is going to be learning. Some of it is, in my opinion, borderline porn”.

Local mom Catherine Panico says “it is soft porn. It is really sick.” Another mom, Liz Nicoletti said “they are going to be sexualized at a very young age.”


Watch Asst. Health Secretary Levine, a biological male that presents as a transgender woman, discuss ‘gender affirming care’ for young school children.

Ocean City teachers’ ‘scripted’ response: ‘Go home and ask your mom’

What if a young student decides to ‘come out’ to the class? Student would be directed to district health counselor. Student encouraged to speak with family. Without child’s consent, school cannot notify parents about discussion. That’s state law. If a child is adamant, district cannot violate their wishes. Read Full Story at Press of Atlantic City.

Press of Atlantic City:

According to Robin Shaffer, President of Ocean City Alliance for Sensible Education: To LGBTQIA militants, the truth doesn’t matter. They will continue to indoctrinate and groom kids — our kids — with lies and a perceived victimhood, fueled by a media and public that runs scared, lest they be labeled as bigoted, homophobic or transphobic.

13 thoughts on “Will Downbeach Schools Adopt Controversial Sex Ed Standards?”

  1. Either the kids learn about sex in school or they do from the smut they find on Google. At least in schools we have professionals reviewing the curriculum.

    This ain’t the 1950s anymore. We need to adapt.

  2. They’re not teaching a higher standard and moral integrity. They go out of their way to separate parents from their children.

    If they continue w/ this moronic agenda, all sensible parents should stop paying their school tax or move to a state that still values core education.

    Power in number can go both ways. Teacher’s Unions have become justifiably comparable w/ the mafia.

    1. How are they separating parents from children? Because they are teaching a different way of thinking… you’re still the parent who can discuss things with your children.

      Newsflash – they read the Internet and talk to others too. Are you going to ban/block that?

      1. Take your kids out of the public school system. There’s a reason why the elite put their kids in private school. However, it’s unfortunate many cannot afford to do so. A toddler should not be tipping a drag queen doing whose flashing their you know what. Sickening. A generation lost is true. For those that comment, we’ll they have to learned it some way. You’re not the parent. Yoi don’t them. Schools dont make those rules. Simple.

        1. So what happens when your private school teaches content you don’t like, you keep changing schools? Your comment of “a generation lost” is silly and grossly exaggerated. Do you abdicate all responsibility at home to what is taught in school, on ANY topic? Do you control any and all messaging seen/heard by your family?

          1. It’s called school choice. Trevor’s point is that school should be academic fundamentals (e.g. math, civics, science, history, etc.). More importantly, the parent(s) should inform their kid(s) about those topics, if they wish to do so. I’m happy my kids go to catholic school and, at this moment, these things are not allowed.

          2. Yes Jill, it is a function of school choice. And it’s a very slippery slope if you don’t want to constantly switch schools because you will inevitably object about SOMETHING – a teacher, a classmate, a grade on a report card, and yes even content.

  3. please do not use this site for politically slanted misinformation! this is unacceptable and entirely out of the realm of what this site should represent.
    i suggest it be removed… much too political and slanted.

  4. I taught at the Harris School of Business in Linwood. It was quite an eye opener to witness how little the young adults knew of basic grammar, everyday math and the workings of our government. Maybe our schools should refocus on having students learn the basics as opposed to sexuality. What is the harm in letting children retain their innocence?
    I thank God that I do not have children in school.

    1. You’re mistakenly assuming they are mutually exclusive topics. And in both cases, you’re totally ignoring the role of parents and totally assuming schools/teachers function in isolation from what goes on at home. How convenient.

    2. Did you Read the Curriculum?

      As someone that DOES have children in Margate schools I will say it is quite eye opening how advanced the curriculum is. The test scores prove it. So the schools in question are doing a fantastic job on the basics…I guarantee these kids have a far better understanding of math and language arts than most of the commenters on this site.

      Health is also important for children to learn in an academic setting, not from YouTube or TikTok. The curriculum was sent to all parents. I read every grade’s curriculum to see what the fuss was about … I see no issue with the content and I would like to know specifically what people are so incensed about.

      The lessons on gender roles and identity are benign, they foster discussion and regarding “traditional” gender stereotypes and promote acceptance. It’s simple stuff, teaching that it’s OK for girls to like sports or engineering and boys can like dance or baking. For the older kids, discussions of puberty and sex are presented in an age-appropriate way and really no different than sex ed has been for years.

      The reason for the outrage from the Fox News crowd is that by discussing gender stereotypes they think the school is trying to turn little Johnny into Jenny. If your kid is gonna be trans or gay, it’s gonna happen regardless of school curriculum.

      1. Very well said. And to your point, most of the commenters neither have kids in the district, or are too old to have them there now. It’s just a dog whistle that prompts them to respond. They are all fine with an agenda of narrow thinking and control, as long as it’s what THEY think. Otherwise, the notion of freedom of speech and thought goes out the window.

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