Will EHT Finally Let Seaview Harbor Become Part of Longport?

In February of 2014, Seaview Harbor residents decided to break away from EHT. They filed a petition seeking to leave the township and officially become part of Longport.

Residents of Seaview Harbor say it would be more efficient if they were part of Longport. Seaview is physically disconnected from the rest of EHT, tucked in between Somers Point and Longport.

Residents of Seaview pay an average of $24,000 per year to EHT. If they become part of Longport, that number could drop to $7,500.

It’s been noted that when there’s a fire…Longport FD is first to respond. In an emergency, Longport Police are first to respond. The address for Seaview Harbor residents….. is Longport.<
The EGG HARBOR Township Committee will talk about the Planning Board’s findings on the possible Seaview Harbor secession Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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