Will Eroded Ventnor Beaches Get Replenished This Fall?

Video: Ventnor Commissioner Meeting May 14, 2020

The Army Corp of Engineers planning their return to Ventnor by FALL 2020. Maybe. That’s a big maybe.

More dredging, sand pumping and dune shaping, whether needed or not.

Is federal money available? Good question.

During significant high tides, there’s very little usable beach, south of the Ventnor Fishing Pier. Especially bad closer to the end of Ventnor Boardwalk, on the Margate border.

Southern Ventnor Beaches

Man-made, non-critical dunes take up approx. 75 ft of (once usable) Ventnor beach.

Ventnor dunes continue to grow higher. Surpassing 14 ft. in some areas.

Currently, ACOE doesn’t comply with dune height limit requirements: height of dune to be no higher than top of boardwalk railing.

Non-Compliant Dune Height in Ventnor.

Will Ventnor need to, occasionally, close those southern beaches this summer? David Funk of Ventnor Beach Patrol will consider.

Need to knock down those escarpments, better known as cliffing. Can’t do it by ourselves. Don’t have the proper equipment. We don’t have easy / cheap access to sand either.

Note: Ventnor is allowed to make the beach walkways safe. Gee, thanks DEP.

The man made dunes in Ventnor are at least 50 ft wide, with approx 15ft of dead space between boardwalk & start of dune.

2 thoughts on “Will Eroded Ventnor Beaches Get Replenished This Fall?”

  1. “People’s Safety is the buzz word! Limit the beach to no sun bathing, and if you open the Boardwalk limited hours for bike riding and walking only! Cover or take out the benches till this mess is over!

  2. I would like to remain informed, but I would appreciate it, if the writers of this newsletter would cut down the angry, sarcastic, mean tone of these articles. How about bringing up the issues with a fact based, less inflammatory manor? Be civic. We are neighbors, for heaven’s sake.

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