Will Margate Beaches Be Ready for Summer 2018?

margate dune work. DEP. Army Corp of Engineers.

Will Margate dune & beach drainage contractors get in the way of summer fun, AGAIN? That depends on what you consider ‘summer’.

Crews are installing a multi-million dollar drainage and outfall pipe system. This alleged ‘make-work’ project hopes to solve the beach flooding problems created by the newly built dunes.

Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson Talks JETTY on WOND Radio >

Will Margate Beaches Be Ready for Summer 2018?

According to Margate Commissioner John Amodeo, crews promise to stop work, pack up, and leave the beach by no later than June 30. Huh? Last week of June? What’s up with that?

Sure. 4th of July weekend is when Margate’s summer season really kicks in. But May and June are also popular for beach lovers. You may want to take a deep breath before looking at these pics we took on March 5.

6 thoughts on “Will Margate Beaches Be Ready for Summer 2018?”

    1. Last summer the beach at Clarendon Ave was declared handicapped accessible. It was NOT handicapped accessible. The thin blue runner that leads to the base of the dunes cannot possibly support an adult in a wheelchair. This runner stops at the base of the dune so someone would need to carry the handicapped person up and over the dune (Wheeling a regular wheelchair in sand is impossible). Last summer I wrote an email to Margate mayor about this and never received a response.

  1. From what we hear, handicap BEACH access points in Margate look to be reduced from approx 15….. down to about 4. Still need to confirm this tho.

    1. Ridiculous having it reduced to that few. Any idea what streets the 4 will be located? Seems like having ramps like the one near Lucy (or smaller) would be better engineering and allow easier accessibility for those needing it due to a disability or even for those with a beach cart needing to transport stuff to the beach. Would be good to understand what level of thinking/planning, if any, was done around the different ways people access the beaches and the key needs that need to be addressed when they add something the size of these dunes. If someone thinks that adding the blue mats is the ultimate answer they are delusional.

  2. Was down this weekend and what a mess. The water going thru these new pipes is not getting the water out far enough. Now we have the Margate canal!

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