Will Margate Consider High-Rise Condos, Again?

Lucy Elephant hotel overlay Margate
More High-Rises in Margate?

There’s growing chatter about the possibility of Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate being converted into a high-rise condo. Neighbors dread the thought of more crowded beaches, blocked views and a much worse parking / traffic problem.

In 2018, Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg, all said it was a ‘dead issue’

Now 2 years later, City officials are once again considering a new Margate ordinance that will permit high-rise development and building that can be over 100 feet tall. The current permitted maximum height in Margate is 38 feet.

June 25, 2020 Meeting

Henry Gorenstein: At June 25 2020 Margate City Planning Board meeting, the public was informed by Zoning Officer, Roger McLarnon, that the Margate Commissioners are working on a zoning change ordinance.

We’re not trying to hide anything, were just moving ahead and letting everybody know this could be coming.

Roger McLarnon, Margate Zoning Officer

Resident Henry Gorenstein: The Margate Planning Board will determine if the ordinance is consistent with the master plan. If adopted, this would allow 120 foot tall high-rises to be built on either side of historic landmark, Lucy the Elephant.

Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon (rear)

Resident Henry Gorenstein: Even if the Margate Planning Board rejects the ordinance, Mayor Becker and Commissioners Amodeo & Blumberg can still approve it. If that happens, Lucy The Elephant will not survive.

Angry Residents. Sept 20, 2018

At a September 20, 2018 meeting, Commissioners promised over 200 concerned residents that they like Margate the way it is They wouldn’t support a proposal like this in the future.

Any faith or trust I had for the Margate Commissioners is now extinguished. They should be replaced ASAP!

Resident Henry Gorenstein
Collins & Cristaldi of Margate Planning Board
Margate Planning Board Disrespect

PUBLIC COMMENT from SOCIAL MEDIA: Wise not to trust them. The issue as it was presented back in 2018, was dead. They did not preclude the issue being raised again under another (ordinance) number. Surprised the issue is coming up in the summer. Their usual tactic is to push controversial issues off until after Labor Day when 2nd homeowners are not here to fight them on it. They are horribly rude to people who question them. They roll their eyes. They’ve been caught on tape saying that they don’t care what 2nd homeowners think, since they’re not full-time residents. Good ole boy system at it’s worst. They know people who want change, can’t vote. They weren’t transparent about the water park either.

Any effort to bring back controversial Margate hotel overlay zone would be a grossly incompetent and negligent move.

Resident Henry Gorenstein

Calvin Tesler At last Planning Board Meeting, they said they’ll discuss the high-rise project at the next meeting. This will take place July 30 at 6:30p via “Go to Meeting”.

Margate Planning Board Meeting is scheduled for July 30, 2020. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Access meeting here

Public may also attend meeting by accessing audio of meeting: Call (646) 749-3112 and entering Access Code: 182-204-429.

15 thoughts on “Will Margate Consider High-Rise Condos, Again?”

    1. Hire more city workers? The year round population is so small , I can’t believe that’s an issue. They should find a different area if they have to do this against the will of the residents

    2. Lynn Gottlieb

      What a surefire way to ruin a beach town. Everyone in Margate should be concerned. This will begin the slide into Matgate becoming just like Ocean City, MD. Highrise after highrise. No charm, no
      character. W once lost it is gone forever !

        1. Extremely well said Lynn and Bob. How heavily lined are the pockets of Becker, Blumberg & Amadeo? All residents, seasonal and year round, are here in Margate because we love the quaint, small town that it is now. Those Big Fish in our little pond are flesh-eating bacteria that we need to rid Margate of. Please, please people pay attention to what’s happening in our beautiful community before ITS TOO LATE. That could be sooner than any of us think. Is anyone cheering on Lamberti for building a 3-story structure on the bay, blocking the views of how many residents that purchased homes for those views??? What’s the value of their homes now? How much money went into the commissioners pockets to get that through? Don’t even talk about the water park.. seriously? Did anyone besides the out-of-town owner, who obviously didn’t want this in her beach community, but found out how easy it is to get things through in Margate if you know the right people!
          Residents!! We need to band together and impeach these self-important money whores. There will be no one else to blame but ourselves if this high rise project moves forward. Please join in the Virtual meeting On Thursday, 7/30/3020 at 6:30pm. Do it for your family and all of ours. See you there

      1. It’s already lost, just look what happens every weekend. Idiots stepping off the curb walking into traffic with out looking, bikes riding two or three wide down the middle of the street. The privileged few who think they Own the city.

    3. Lou, do you have dementia, are you on illegal drugs or are your just plain stupid. More city workers? Why, so they too can sleep in their white trucks! This city needs a total purge of elected and non-elected personnel, they are a total waste.

  1. Margate Charlie

    Tha fact that home owners that are not full time Margate residents can not vote on Margate local issues is a crime. This is another example of taxation without representation. When you stifle 75% of the taxpayers to no voice, it’s no wonder the three Amigoes keep getting reelected. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Is the mayor a goverment employee or is he a hardware store clerk? Also it’s great that the city has trash day on Tuesday and fines people for putting trash out on Sunday night knowing that non full time Margate owners are not there on Monday night to put out trash, another slap in the face of the people paying the bulk of the taxes.

    1. Charlie you are right about the trash. But you can’t vote in two places what do you think this is Chicago. Change your voting residency to margate and then vote here


    Margate Man, I see where it would get a little convoluted, but on local issues I belive as a taxpayer i should have a say in what is happening in a local town that I am paying taxes in. I would be interested in the voting demographic in Margate, Although all of the year round folks that I live near are wonderful people, I don’t believe any of them have worked in a decade or more and change, good or bad, is not in their interest. Things like a boardwalk would be great for the “shoobies” but In the five years I have owned my home I don’t believe I have ever seen one of my year round nieghbors on the beach or ran into any of them in a local resturant.

  3. Margate Charlie, it’s wonderful that you are visiting and supporting local businesses when you’re in town. If you don’t see your neighbors out and about doing the same, it’s probably because of crowds and waits, etc. Year round residents, regardless of age or work status, are here and supportive all through the “off seasons” when support is truly needed. My husband and I live AND work in Margate. Year round residents are not all retired old people. However, many are life-long residents who care deeply about our town and preserving its integrity for their children and hopefully many generations to come. Change does not always mean “better” …. Change just for change is never a good thing. If residents want something more or different than what Margate offers, then they should move on down the road and let us enjoy what we have that we love so much.

  4. Seems to be some confusion as to who’s view it is.
    The view belongs to the waterfront property owners.
    Homes built in commercial zones across from commercial properties are less expensive because they are in a zone with more noise & traffic etc. Everyone of them knew this before purchasing. The traffic & activity on Amherst ave today is a small fraction of what it was back in the day when Gabels, Old Tavern, Merals,etc had live bands 7 nights a week all summer long. Beacon 10 drafts for a dollar, Maynards, Elbow Room, Moylan’s etc.It’s not complicated.

  5. Margate Charlie

    Constance, you believe that because you live in Margate year round that you love Margate more than the home owners that do not live there year round which is not true. The people that own second homes in Margate pay the same taxes as you and are no less of a home owner than you. You like the rest of the “locals” believe we are infringing on your town, which is also not true. We chose to buy a house in Margate for the same reasons as you and hope to pass them down through our generations. We have to live with the choices made by year round residents who vote in the ” money whores” as you put it. I also am not a fan of the high rise or the size of Lamberti’s and I live close enough to the water park that parking will be impacted on my street. I am a fan of the boardwalk project because it will get bike and foot traffic off Alantic ave and a non commericial boardwalk in a beach town is a good thing in my opinion, but I do not own a house on the beach. I’m sure they have a different opinion.

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