Will Margate Mayor Compensate Amherst Homeowners for Contractor Damage?

See pics: Reconstruction of Amherst Ave between Clarendon and Douglass Ave in Margate not going so well. That’s putting it mildly.

City Engineer Ed Dennis says several Margate homes have been damaged from this project, so construction was forced to stop for a while.

Homes reportedly damaged by heavy equipment vibration. Increasing concerns about storm drainage, too.

If my property is damaged. I’m gonna hold the city liable.

Amherst Ave Resident

Residents not happy with Margate Mayor, Michael Becker, who’s also Commissioner of Public Works.

City Engineer Ed Dennis catching hell too.

Listen to Margate Engineer Ed Dennis discuss the issue. Oddly, Mayor Becker laughs after angry public comment.

LISTEN to clip from Margate Commissioner meeting of May 6, 2021 >


Mathis Construction of Little Egg Harbor Twp was awarded the $858,617 contract for phase one of this reconstruction of Amherst Ave in Margate.

  • Paving & reconstruction
  • Drainage, pavement & upgrades
  • Utilities & storm drainage structures
  • Signage & traffic control

Ed Dennis is from Remington & Vernick Engineers in Pleasantville.

Online Public Comments:

Resident: Has anyone heard what’s happening on Amherst near Delavan? Has Margate hired a new company to complete the job?

Resident answer: They have not hired a new company. It’s the same company that destroyed the foundations of several houses between Clermont and Clarendon. Supposedly they are doing it with less vibration and smaller equipment. The city wants the street open, the residents with the destruction want their houses fixed! The entire project is a mess.

Resident: I’m not complaining about the road construction. I am however very upset about the damage to the homes. Doesn’t matter winter or summer, no one ever wants their property damaged. This has cost us money now in legal fees etc. The city doesn’t seem to be concerned. Can’t even get the Mayor to return a phone call ·

Resident: That’s unacceptable. Especially because it’s your property. I’d do a protest outside the mayor’s office. Get everyone involved for sure.

Resident – We are on Douglass and have issues too, is there a point of contact at the city to discuss this matter?

6 thoughts on “Will Margate Mayor Compensate Amherst Homeowners for Contractor Damage?”

  1. Wow! What a mess. I feel bad for homeowners affected by this debacle. The Mayor could show a bit more respect for the people who called in.

    Laughing is not acceptable from an elected official who was elected to serve the people.

    Maybe the Mayor should meet directly with the homeowners and show he cares.

  2. Joel Steinberg

    How about a factual presentation on the Amherst Ave. situation? What’s the problem, what caused it, how’s it going to be remedied?

  3. Oh yes, if you do not live on AMHERST AVE all that is done is a BEAUTIFUL ADDITION. LAMBERTI’S Too, I assume is a most beautiful edition? By the time they are finished with Amherst Avenue, it will be a cement boardwalk.

  4. What they did on Amherst from the old CAPT Andy’s to Lamberti is nothing short of a disappointment and disaster.

    No parking and a 3-story Lamberti is an eyesore. I used to dock there. I’m glad I moved on 3 years ago.

    Besides, Lamberti’s Marina is un-cooperative, mismanaged, and not safe. Docks are terrible, service terrible, and access to docks difficult.

    Good luck to those who stayed at his overpriced marina.

  5. @ Norma. What does Capt. Andys have to do with your rant against Lamberti’s.You know nothing. We hope by “moved on” you mean out of the area. You can’t fix stupid!

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