Will Margate Planning Board Protect Few Remaining Trees?

Can Margate Planning Board stop this?

Is the Margate Planning Board doing enough to protect the few remaining, mature trees on this part of Absecon Island?

Steve Jasiecki of Sustainable Margate doesn’t think so. Neither do a growing number of Downbeach homeowners.

Margate resident Emily Aiken says: When the builders come in…they go right to the property line. Take down everything.

Listen to audio clip below.

Sustainable Margate

Jesiecki wants more tree protection, and says we need an amended tree protection ordinance. Jesiecki is also on the Margate Planning Board.

We need a Margate tree protection & removal ordinance. We’re losing our old trees.

Currently, the Margate Planning Board determines if tree removal is necessary.

Roger McLarnonZoning Officer, Planner(609) 822-5438
Palma AccardiBoard Administrator(609) 822-1974
Elias Manos, Esq.Board Solicitor

Margate Planning Board Members

Richard PattersonChairman
Michael RichmondVice Chairman
Michael S. BeckerMayor, Commissioner of Public Works
Tom CollinsMayor’s Designee
Jim GalantinoBoard Member, Construction Official
Michael CristaldiBoard Member
Joe DiGirolamoBoard Member
Margaret Guber-NultyBoard Member
Craig PalmisanoBoard Member
Remy PelosiBoard Member
Clem WasleskiBoard Member
Ron GruppoBoard Member
Steven JasieckiBoard Member

NOTE: Mayor Becker has major influence on Planning Board make-up. Board members include builders, developers, building supply, etc.

Margate Business Admin Richard Deaney (a resident of Ocean City) says Planning Board needs to handle this first…before Commissioners can act.

Will Margate Planning Board take this seriously? Discussion needs to start there, says Deaney. Mr. Jasiecki’s initial attempt to get ordinance considered, faced push back.

Non-native Bradford Pear trees are no longer recommended. Commissioner Blumberg: We may need to get rid of the Bradford Pear. I would support an ordinance revision. We don’t like seeing them (mature trees) come down.

Preserve and protect what trees what we have left.

It takes many years, sometimes decades, for a tree to reach maturity. Cutting down large trees should be avoided whenever possible. Some get cut by mistake.

Sustainable Margate is the core of our City’s Green Team. Comprised of both City Employees and local volunteers, the Sustainable Margate Board is charged with the responsibility to “Go Green”, “Save Money”, and Sustain the quality of life in Margate for the long term”.

I get tearing down old houses containing asbestos, lead paint and who knows what else, but those trees are beautiful and work for a living cleaning the air! I grew up with those trees, they are almost as old as me, 60+.

The last mature tree on my block of North Margate came down last year. Most were chopped down as new houses were built. This winter we saw very few birds at the bird feeder and no squirrels. The replacement trees will not provide for the future needs of such wildlife-assuming some decent growth in a number of years. It is a sad situation

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