Will Public Have Access to Longer Margate Fishing Pier?

Margate Fishing Pier. Watch Video.

The new, longer, Margate Fishing Pier turned out to be a real winner for those who belong to the private Anglers Club that owns the pier.

$850,000 of NJ State taxpayer dollars were used to elongate the wooden structure that was left high and dry during a recent beach replenishment.

By law, if public funds are used, anyone should have access to this publicly funded project on the beach at Essex Ave in Margate.

When will the Margate Fishing Pier allow public access?

This past Summer 2020, Margate residents asked why they were locked out of the fishing pier. In 2019, citizens were promised access to the pier by Margate Commissioner, John Amodeo.

NOTE: Amodeo claims the NJ DEP will not require ADA compliance for this project.

During Summer 2019, Amodeo said Margate might install lighting for the planned public area and maybe add some benches.

‘Nothing is in writing’, Amodeo said.

Jeff Rutizer is the president of the Anglers Club of Absecon Island, better known as the Margate Fishing Pier. The private club has about 120 members.

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7 thoughts on “Will Public Have Access to Longer Margate Fishing Pier?”

  1. Simple: Public funds; Public Access. The club may want some exclusivity and that is OK since members do pay a fee. But how about one open day a week for the public to have a chance to walk the entire pier?

  2. We were promised public access to the pier. Maybe like Ventnor, allow public up to a certain point, and members-only after a gated area.

    Once a week, the whole pier should be open. Or it should have been privately-funded.

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