Will Ventnor OK Cannabis Sales? How Recreational Marijuana Could Affect Downbeach Towns.

Will Ventnor permit cannabis sales within the city limits? The issue was discussed during the Ventnor Commission meeting of April 8.

Ventnor must soon introduce an ordinance to allow or prohibit cannabis business.

New Jersey towns like Ventnor and Margate have until August 1 to pass a cannabis- related ordinance.

Towns must opt-in or opt-out. Will they allow grow, manufacture, distribution and/or selling of marijuana flower, edible, cream and other cannabis products.

In Feb. 2021, Governor Phil Murphy legalized recreational cannabis in New Jersey for adults 21+. He also decriminalized weed for those under 21.

Ventnor Mayor is OK for it to be sold in Ventnor, but admits that it’s one of the toughest decisions to make. There is concern about the image of Ventnor. Just like Ocean City was concerned.

Ventnor has 13 liquor stores. No one has a problem with that. So why not a weed store?

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman: Allowing legal marijuana sales would be better and safer than buying drugs from street dealers. Marijuana is not a gateway drug.

Note: Towns like Ventnor can’t prevent delivery of cannabis products from businesses located outside of town boundaries.

Medical marijuana is already available to Ventnor residents.

Towns that OK weed, can charge a 2% cannabis tax. At this time, not a very attractive financial return.

Ventnor Police Chief Biagi: Take it slow. Ventnor is on the verge of greatness. We can’t grow too quick.

Public will be allowed to smoke cannabis on private property. Current smoking ban ordinance for Boardwalk and public property may need updating.

6 thoughts on “Will Ventnor OK Cannabis Sales? How Recreational Marijuana Could Affect Downbeach Towns.”

  1. There’s enough booze and other diversions in this
    world as it is…. just because it’s legal doesn’t make
    it right….!!! …… I for one am against it ….!!!
    The new phrase is …. “It’s awful but it’s lawful”…..!!!
    enjoy …!!!!

    1. Marijuana is far, far safer than booze. Booze should be banned and marijuana legal if we want to be logical about this. Oxycotin, Percocet and all the other pills are even worse and doctors are happily handing them out legally. Those should be banned too.

      But that won’t happen so just make it legal and be done with it.

  2. Yes allow cannabis sales in Ventnor. No, do not allow anymore bikes on the boardwalk and do something about the speeding bikes who don’t give people a heads up when they are coming up on them. Too fast, too many. Laws have to apply to them and be enforced.
    It used to be a boardWALK–not the Indy 500.

  3. Ventnor Administrators love to be the leader in state and national, and county decisions. This administration represents a voting population of about 5,500 people. Taking charge in national, state or county issues; their influence is about zero. They devote so much time trying to change the big issues to support their views. For example, standing alone for their plastics bag issue to save the marine life on the 1.75 mile of beach they manage. Then, again alone, closing the boardwalk and beach to stop Covid19. After hurricane Sandy, Ventnor became the barricaded city, alone again out of sync with all of Absecon Island. The objectional thing about these decision for me is the cost we the citizens of Ventnor pay to administer and enforcement of these choices.

    In my opinion the administrators should spend more of their time debating the infrastructure of our community. A good example is the Wellington Avenue problem last month. A few years before that, it was a sewage leak that in the water supply, closing most area restaurants for a week one summer. In 2012, after Sandy, the reason for the barricaded City of Ventnor was a failed water pump. These are the problems and issues that I personally would propose need attention.

  4. Ventnor should be more worried about the child pedophile protector Kim Bassford who is on the Board of Education

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