Will Ventnor Support Controversial Atlantic City School Boss Hire?

Ventnor parents that send kids to Atlantic City High School are watching. Will Ventnor support a controversial Atlantic City School boss hire?

Ventnor sends 191 kids to Atlantic City High School. Taxpayers of Ventnor pay 4 million for that questionable service.

A critical, AC Board of Education vote could take place on Tuesday night, Oct. 19.

Who will be the next Atlantic City School District Superintendent? Parents fear it might be LaQuetta Small, wife of AC Mayor, Marty Small.

Michael Cupeles represents Ventnor on the Atlantic City School Board. Ventnor is often a ‘swing vote’.

LaQuetta Small is currently the Principal of Atlantic City High School. Small was formerly Principal of Pennsylvania Ave School in AC.

Both still under scrutiny. Alleged in-action connected to relative’s predatory behavior within the Atlantic City School District.

Kayan Frazier, cousin of LaQuetta Small, is currently in jail for sex crimes against children within the Atlantic City School District.

Frazier worked for Principal Small at Pennsylvania Ave school and other elementary schools within the district.

When did LaQuetta know about this new job for Frazier? A NJ state job with Child Protective Services. Why didn’t she stop it?

Who signed off on Frazier’s getting a job with NJ Child Protective Services?

Still not properly investigated.

Did NJ State do proper background check on Frazier?

Her #1 job is to keep kids safe. She clearly failed at that.

The ACBOE has one less member after a recent resignation. Perfect timing. The resignation came just days after the superintendent search committee made their decision, sources tell BreakingAC.com

6 thoughts on “Will Ventnor Support Controversial Atlantic City School Boss Hire?”

  1. Based on Atlantic City’s leadership track record concerning education, they are a complete failure!

    Sorry to say, the educational leadership & associates are more concerned about Salaries, Benefits & Pensions,
    then they are for educating Children.

    Unfortunately “Politics”….. who you know …. is the scale to climb the ladder!

    I don’t know what is worse, Corruption or Incompetence. In my opinion, they have both.

    Also unfortunate is … as always: “The Race Card”. Such a shame, enjoy!

    1. It’s a travesty that our kids have to belong to a dysfunctional school and that we taxpayers have the privilege of supporting same. If longport can join Ocean City, why can’t Ventnor?

  2. They’re the worst. All of them with their hands in the money bag. It’s all they care about. But people get what they vote for and this whole crew is a total disgrace.

    1. Know what’s really the worst? Folks like you making big anonymous allegations against people as though they are facts, with zero proof or evidence. If you have such proof or evidence, bring them to the authorities for investigation.

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