Without NJ DEP Approval & Permits, Ventura’s Still Operates Illegally on Margate Beach

Residents of Island House in Margate are asking why Ventura’s Greenhouse is still operating a beach deck without NJ DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) approved permits.

Margate Commissioners John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg both believe that Ventura’s can legally operate on the beaches of Margate. (listen to audio below)

On July 14, 2022, Ventura’s was fined $46,000 for illegally operating on the beach. (see document below)

Ventura’s has 30 days to remove the party deck structure.

Margate looks to have granted a beach deck permit, three years in a row to Ventura’s, without following NJ state DEP & CAFRA rules.

Margate Business Administrator Richard Deaney and Margate City were also made aware of this fine and violation on July 14, 2022.

BACKGROUND: On June 18, 2020, notice of violation was issued to both Margate City and Ventura’s for non-compliance with CAFRA law. (see DEP document below)

LISTEN to audio from July 21, 2022 meeting.


In addition to the illegal beach structure, there are claims of loud and offensive music that often goes past 9p cut-off time. Music volume often reaches 70-90 decibels, well above legal sound limits set forth by Margate commissioners. WATCH VIDEO >


Margate Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon: Margate can issue permits to Ventura’s Beach Deck, as long as there is NJ DEP approval.

Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg

Vigorously defends Ventura’s party deck. Blumberg unaware of DEP violation and fine? Unable to provide proof of permitting.

Ventura’s Margate Fined $46,000 by NJ DEP for Illegal Beach Party Deck.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo

Made false statement during meeting. As far as I know, he (Ventura’s) has a permit to be out there, otherwise the DEP would shut him down.

Ventura’s Non-Compliant, Illegal Party Deck on Margate Beach.

Both Margate commissioners and the Mayor were unable to provide written proof, permit paperwork or legal documentation that shows Ventura’s can operate a party deck on the beach, complete with bar, dance floor, live music and DJ.

Venturas Margate Fined $46,000 by NJ DEP

What is NJ Cafra? In 1973, New Jersey enacted the Coastal Areas Facilities Act (CAFRA), which is designed to protect the vital shore areas of New Jersey from being overdeveloped.

13 thoughts on “Without NJ DEP Approval & Permits, Ventura’s Still Operates Illegally on Margate Beach”

  1. will continue to file complaints with the local and state officials until they are shut down! the noise is ridiculous

    1. There is more illegal activity going on there that police just ignore. Everyone on payroll in this town.

  2. Ventura does not have permit from NJ DEP to operate Beach Bar. Why Margate Commissioners letting beach bar operate? City received copy of DEP Notice of Violation. It seems Commissioners trying to pull a fast one on residents.

  3. NJ DEP has not issued permit for beach bar and issued a fine to Ventura’s. Why are Margate Commissioners allowing beach bar to operate without permit?

    The Commissioners feigned ignorance about lack of a DEP permit. The City received DEP Notice of Violation. No hiding or playing dumb anymore. Commissioners- DO YOUR JOB.

  4. Some businesses are more equal than others in Margate.

    Ventura’s is at the top of that list. Why?

    1. You don’t mind offering any proof of that rather clear innuendo? I’m sure you have it since your saying it so confidently as a matter of fact. A link to an investigation or even formal charges would suffice. Oh, and I’m not defending Margate leaders whatsoever, I believe it’s totally an issue of their (in)competence rather than the graft you’re staying as fact. Go ahead, we’re waiting for your proof.

      1. Article does suggest commissioners are either incompetent or ignoring the violation and in both cases favor a business over Margate residents.

        The same could be said of blocking off a street for Bocca last summer.

  5. In 1983 the best thing I ever did was purchase a condo in Margate.

    In 2020 the best thing I ever did was sell a condo in Margate.

  6. The three commissioners will do what they want for their good buddies. Acting like idiots at a public meeting by denying knowledge is a slap in the residents of Margate faces.

    Bocca did not put up the tent and block the street because Lou Freedman, the owner, will be running for a commissioners seat with Amodeo and Blumberg next may and wants to look like the champion of Margate.

    Give us all a break and admit that you are looking out for yourselves only. This is the tip of the iceberg.

    If these guys get back into office next May, they will sell Margate out.

    Two hotels on the bay. Then Venturas will have a high rise hotel built there.

  7. Finally, the man above all law, never explaining anything that he does and feeling above it all, will {maybe} now have to show some semblance of accountability .

  8. Commissioners continue denying knowledge that Ventura’s has no permit for the Tiki Bar/Party area. What is there excuse now to allow this to continue?

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