Woman Rescued, Jackson Ave Sinkhole Near Ventnor Outfall Work.

At approx 4pm on Tues, June 8, a woman walking along Ventnor beach found herself waist deep in a watery sinkhole.

Luckily, a good Samaritan witnessed her plight. He waded thru numerous sink holes himself to rescue the shaken woman.

Rescued by Good Samaritan

Current construction work upgrading Jackson Ave outfall pipe. Could be likely culprit for hidden beach hazard?

Outfall Pipe Ventnor Rescue

Treacherous. The beach was like quick sand.

Unknown why no safety signage or barriers surrounding construction area.

The Jackson Ave outfall pipe extension is a work in progress.

Ventnor Outfall Rescue Sink Hole Danger

The border of Ventnor and Atlantic City, at Jackson Ave.

Please exercise caution.

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  1. Actually the Obama era ACOE mandated dunes for FEMA aid and long term beach replenishment agreements.

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