ZOOM Video Still Blocked for Longport Public Meetings

Longport Nick Russo NO ZOOM
No Remote Participation.

Hey Longport, no ZOOM for you! If you want to see how the sausage is made, you must do the following:

Take a long drive or flight to Longport Borough Hall. Get there early.

Mayor Nick Russo meetings start promptly at 4pm, a time considered quite inconvenient to most Longport homeowners.

Longport still restricting online access to meetings. Residents, 2nd Homeowners & snowbirds not permitted to comment online.

Longport Meetings Restricted.

Lingering concerns over C-19. Many residents still prefer to avoid crowded, indoor public spaces. Offering ZOOM video access allows Longport residents to participate in local government in the safety of their own home.

Mayor Nick Russo standing firm. Restrictions remain in place. No resident access to online video stream of municipal meetings. Prohibit commenting via those listening by phone.

75%+ of Longport taxpayers are 2nd homeowners.

Remote participation in Longport Commission meetings is not permitted, even though it’s cheap to do, and it’s technically available. Cost and tech concerns no longer apply. YouTube is free. Zoom costs would be negligible.

Marc R Alch: This is absolutely a disgrace. Margate takes the same stance which is ridiculous. What are the commissioners hiding? If it weren’t for the 2nd homeowners paying taxes and frequenting the stores and restaurants then both towns would be in big trouble! We pay the same taxes as the full time residents but get nothing in return and can’t voice an opinion or see what’s going on in real time because of the time they have the meetings.

Blocking online video of Longport Commission meetings, negatively affects majority of tax base that live elsewhere in the off-season.

3 thoughts on “ZOOM Video Still Blocked for Longport Public Meetings”

  1. We just need a big time Margate/Longport 2nd homeowner attorney to step up and stop the few from sticking it to us many.

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