Are Wind Turbines Cost Effective and Environmentally safe?

Wind Turbines. Are these experimental ‘green energy’ projects really ‘green’? Not by a long-shot.

New Jersey recently sold it’s stake in ORSTED windfarms. NJ will soon be reliant on a foreign country for our energy supply? Most think that’s just plain stupid. Dangerous too.

Where are all the ‘environmentalists’? How many whales have to die before Trenton wakes up?

11 thoughts on “Are Wind Turbines Cost Effective and Environmentally safe?”

  1. Thank you for expressing your opinion Sherri. I worked in an oil refinery for 16 years. Turbines VIBRATE.

    And the fact that fossil fuel industry is not making a fuss about their use shows how entrenched the industry is in turbine manufacture.

    I question our government consigning control of our energy to a foreign company.

    My friends in Maine and Texas living around land wind turbines hate them. Among their complaints are the continuous noise, the lack of responsibility when needing repair and increased electric bills.

  2. Windmills are inefficient, harmful to human health and harmful to fauna. Moreover, in order to have any reason to install them in terms of the amount of electricity generated and the economy, very large areas are needed.

    Technically, windmills are not very reliable and need frequent maintenance and repair. All this information and opinion of engineers and doctors is easy to find on the Internet.

    We keep spinning around this issue. With the obvious damage to people, fish and birds from windmills off ​​our coast, who, apart from Danish wind company Orsted, benefits from this?

  3. We shouldn’t let foreign companies control our energy supply. IMO, the total carbon footprint will worsen climate change.

    Think construction, maintenance, and disposal.

    Birds and fish-do they matter?

  4. I am sympathetic to the objections to wind turbines. I am not thrilled about them, either. But I would like to ask the commenters, what is your approach to curbing climate change?

    It is here–now. The unrelenting heat waves in the south. The smoke from wildfires in Canada. The unpredictable flash-flooding rains that resulted in deaths in the Philadelphia suburbs.

    How much worse will it get for our children and grandchildren if we continue to burn fossil fuels?

    Rather than just complaining about wind turbines approx. 10 miles offshore, could we have some discussion of the alternatives?

    1. Nuclear Energy is the safe, CLEAN and most efficient form of electricity production.
      As for the wild fires :
      1) they have been mostly caused by humans, either accidental, or intentional.
      2)The reason that they are growing so large, so fast is simple; POOR {if any} FOREST MAINTENANCE. The forests have to have the underbrush, dead foliage, etc… cleared from the forest floors. This maintenance should be done at regular intervals.

  5. Noni, what about on land. Here’s an idea. Let’s place wind turbines on the middle barriers on the parkway, expressway, turnpike, etc. That would not obstruct views and still generate energy with much easier infrastructure. Any better ideas?

  6. The opposition to wind farms don’t believe in the science of climate disruption/ global warming. They’re the Drill baby drill crowd and if it was oil or gas drilling platforms being proposed we wouldn’t be hearing a peep out of these people.

  7. In the AC Press today, “Breaking news…Public support of offshore wind has softened amid growing speculation about how its development could affect the Jersey Shore.” According to polls.

  8. The citizens who are opposing the 200 Ocean Wind Turbine farm to be built fromAtlantic City to Ocean City are all against Climate change. We are from all political parties.

    The industrialization of our coast with the 1000 foot tall turbines “will have zero effect to reduce carbon admissions “, as stated in the environmental impact statement written by the multi billion dollar Danish developer Orstead.

    Other facts in the Environmental Impact Statement footnotes:
    The turbine construction will cause the death of marine mammals , specifically referring to whales.
    The electricity generated will go to northJersey & NY and stated will not be used in atlantic or Cape May counties.
    The cost of electricity for all will triple ( at minimum)

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