Local Author Debuts ‘Pun’derful Children’s Book

We call her ‘Pun’derful Pam. Others know her as Pamela Shuster-Lederer; entrepreneur, author and artist. Pamela lives in the Philly suburbs, but can be found each summer in Ventnor on the beachside pickleball courts.

Pam just published her first ‘Laugh and Learn’ children’s book. It’s called A ‘Pun’derful Life.

Available now on Amazon.

A ‘Pun’derful Life is filled with original jokes and puns written by Pam and creatively illustrated by Daniel Soslowsky.

A ‘laugh and learn’ for kids, and the kid in you.

Author Pamela Shuster-Lederer
Now available in Palm Beach, Florida.

Pam says: Not only will this joke book have you laughing out loud, it’s an excellent resource for understanding words that sound the same, but have different meanings. Laugh your way to learning puns and homonyms!

Punder life Pam

A Punderful Life, now on Amazon.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Shuster-Lederer worked in advertising for The Main Line Times, Philadelphia Magazine and WMGK Radio. She’s also a Philadelphia AD Club ‘All Star of the Year’.

Pam is all about working every day to make the world a happier place–one smile, one giggle, and one belly laugh at a time.

In her spare time, she loves ‘serving’ up a good time on the tennis court, playing pickleball, piano, painting, and of course, writing original jokes and puns!

Contact ‘Pun’derful Pam.

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