Longport Says NO to Early Morning Construction

Shhhhhh…. Recently, Longport residents grew concerned about jack hammers and other early morning construction noise. That forced the Longport Board of Commissioners to withdraw a proposed ordinance that would have expanded work hours for contractors. This happened on Jan. 2.

According to the Downbeach Current: “We really need to understand what’s happening in Longport,” Colgate Avenue resident Murray Bevitz said. “We all thought of Longport as paradise, but it is now a housing development just like Smithville in the 1980s and 1890s.” Bevitz said that over the next few decades, more houses will be torn down and larger houses built, and every resident in the borough will be affected by the noise and traffic of construction for years to come.

“Everyone will be about 500 feet away from construction. I understand the safety issue, but there’s more ramifications here. We have to look past ‘It is safer and let’s get this one done quicker,’” he said. “We need to look ahead at what’s happening in Longport over the long term.”