Radio Host Skewers Brigantine, Ventnor & Margate Over AC School Boss Abuse Allegations

Listen as WPG radio host Harry Hurley takes aim at the Mayors of Brigantine, Ventnor and Margate.

All three Mayors have yet to publicly condemn, if proven true, the horrific acts of child abuse by Marty and LaQuetta Small on their 16 yr old daughter.

Marty Small is the Mayor of Atlantic City. His wife, LaQuetta, is the Atlantic City School Superintendent. Between them, they control a $500mil city budget.

Hurley and guest, former AC School Board President John Devlin says school boss LaQuetta Small must step aside until proven innocent.

Listen to WPG radio clips from May 1, 2024:

Sending Districts. All three towns, Brigantine, Ventnor and Margate, collectively pay millions to send their some of their students to Atlantic City High School.

Long, Ugly History.

All three towns have no voting rights on the AC school board.

  • Brigantine Mayor, Vince Sera.
  • Ventnor Mayor, Lance Landgraf.
  • Margate Mayor, Mike Collins.

As sending districts, these 3 mayors must ask that LaQuetta Small be removed from her position as AC School district superintendent until she’s found not guilty of various child abuse allegations.

Watch former Ventnor Mayor endorse LaQuetta Small for AC School Boss: video from OCT 2021.

Watch video.


7 thoughts on “Radio Host Skewers Brigantine, Ventnor & Margate Over AC School Boss Abuse Allegations”

  1. What do you want them to say? Brigantine families sent three children from the Class of 2022 BMS ( one was mine) , and ONE child from the class of 2023.

    Margate and Ventnor attendees to ACHS get less and less each year.

    Imho, I do not think the mayor’s nor the schools from sending towns have a vested interest, so it would just be opinion at this point. Honestly, it’s best they don’t get publicly involved. I dont think people who send their kids to ACHS even give two stones their opinion either.

    In fact, our kids do just fine at the high school, without you stirring up the pot for them.

    Brigantine and many people who live here, and surrounding communities have a lot of negative talk about ACHS already.

    Why don’t you ask the mayors what they think of the students graduating class of ACHS 2024 getting full scholarships to Harvard, Columbia, acceptance letters to LSU with scholarships, Syracuse, Rowan, Delaware, USofC, Penn State, TCNJ, Rutgers, Lafayette, or ask them what they think of the Stem Club doing great things this year amongst peers from other schools.

    Promote the students, who later in life might be the adults in the room who make positive change for AC.

    Right now, unless you attend the school, keep your opinions to yourself, IMHO.

    1. Biggie Smalls

      Graduating from ACHS is about as prestigious as being the Worlds Tallest Midget, that diploma and $7 will buy you a cup of coffee

      1. Apparently it’s prestigious enough for some acceptances to great colleges and with big scholarships…. Yes, there are real issues that need to be address there but dismiss any successes there is small minded…

  2. Mayor and wife: Child molester protectors to child abusers. Lets vote them back in for more. Wake up ventnor elected officials.

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