Margate Bridge…aka Downbeach Express Toll Hike. $1.75 per Crossing

margate toll hike
Toll Hike

Beginning April 18, you’ll have to add another 25 cents to cross the Margate Bridge and Causeway…aka the Downbeach Express. It will now cost $1.75 per crossing. Express Passers will now pay $1.30. It’s a hike of just 10 cents per crossing for those with an Express Pass.

It’s been 7 years since the last toll hike. The Margate Bridge Company says that the high cost of maintaining the 2 miles of bridges and causeway is the culprit.

Now might be a very good time to purchase an Express Pass Card if you don’t already have one. Save some money…or just used the Dorset Ave Bridge in Ventnor…or the Longport Bridge.

Purchase a Downbeach Express Pass Card online at

You can buy one (Fridays only) at the Jewish Community Center in Margate.

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