Margate Homeowners Association to Meet via ZOOM Video Conference

The Margate Homeowners Association will have a MEMBERS ONLY online meeting on Sunday, Sept 13 at 10 AM.

Since COVID prohibits MHA from meeting in person, the Margate Homeowners Association will bring everyone together….ONLINE.

SUNDAY, SEPT 13 at 10 AM.

MHA also inviting members who haven’t renewed their memberships yet.

Agenda will include:

  • Recap of our interactions with Margate City officials.
  • Latest on MHA Community programs.
  • MHA Treasurer’s Report.
  • Future Plans for MHA.

There will be time for Q and A.

MHA look forward to your questions, concerns and suggestions.

Please join 300+ members of the Margate Homeowners Association.

MHA is still working hard for your benefit.

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