New 311 System: Report Concerns to Ventnor City Hall

Ventnor City 311

Good news Ventnor- if you want to report any concerns to City Hall departments, you can now use the new 311 system on the City website.

No need to use that See-Click-Fix app anymore, Ventnor is keeping things simple.

To report an issue, head over to

You can also find the “Report an Issue” button on the homepage or in the “I Want To” menu.

With this new system, you can conveniently report problems on the website without dealing with a third-party app.

Plus, it’ll help cut down on all the random chatter getting posted.

Once you’re on the 311 webpage, click on “make a request” and create an account. After that, choose from a list of categories that best fit your issue and provide any necessary details like pictures, location, and comments.

Once your report reaches the right department, a Ventnor City employee will respond and close out the case.

You can choose to receive updates via email or text message.

Quick note: if you have any water or sewer issues, make sure to call 609-823-7935 directly.

So why wait? Go ahead and create your account today at

Hope this helps.


4 thoughts on “New 311 System: Report Concerns to Ventnor City Hall”

  1. The new system is for the “Doughnut Alerts” so they can record the time of arrival.

    Actually, they don’t want to reveal the real issue which is taxpayers are getting really upset and venting their frustration.

    They are concerned things will escalate where they don’t want it to go.

  2. Odd how residents are persuaded to move off see-click-fix, a “random app” and to avoid all the chatter. Seems less transparent. No longer will I get an alert email when close by issues are submitted. Will I be able to access a map of all complaints? Why aren’t those cases closed after resolution? The app seems quite efficient

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