NJ Gov Murphy turning ocean into industrial power plant


In 2020, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy declared, “Offshore wind is a once in-a-generation opportunity to not only protect our environment, but also greatly expand our state economy in a way that has immediate impacts and paves the way for long-term growth.”

This remains to be seen.

The following is a Letter to the Editor published in the The Star-Ledger:

Last month, the federal government gave the go-ahead for New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm to begin construction, about 13 miles off the coast of Atlantic City.

Orsted, the Danish wind energy company that will build, own and operate the wind farm, states it will move forward once all federal and state permits are obtained.

At least three more wind farms might be built along the New Jersey coast, Ultimately, over 100 turbines could be visible from the beaches of Atlantic City and Ocean City.

Warning to South Jersey.

Climbing on President Joe Biden’s “green bus,” our governor has set 2035 as a target for New Jersey to be using carbon-free energy sources such as wind in the global warming battle he is personally waging.

We believe reports that the impact of windmill farms is negative rather than positive.

Land-based wind farms have been used in America for several years. Research shows they can increase global warming by raising surface temperatures of the ground beneath them at night, thus causing the Earth to dry out.

Also, the whine of the turbines confuses bats’ radar systems, and they get killed flying into the blades. Bats are the farmer’s friends, as they eat insects.

Fishing industry officials believe offshore windmills are detrimental to their livelihoods, eliminating jobs and damaging equipment used to fish safely as well as boats’ navigation equipment for inclement weather.

Of course, we are concerned about marine life here in New Jersey, as well as other unknown effects on our environment.

But, is Murphy seeking to be a hero in his quest to make our state a leader in sourcing and implementing carbon-free energy, regardless of how it impacts the state’s economy?

We believe he surely is on track to turn the ocean into an industrial power plant.

Lisa Fabrizio, Linden, and Patricia Quattrocchi, Clark.

4 thoughts on “NJ Gov Murphy turning ocean into industrial power plant”

  1. Mr Murphy has sold his heart and soul for money. He does not represent what we want. He has sold out.
    During 2011-2017, the world spent US3.6 trillion on climate change projects- 55% of which was spent on solar and wind projects. Despite this, wind and solar energy still produced only 3% of world energy consumption in the year 2018. Not only are they expensive and INEFFECTIVE, the review found that these projects sometimes CONTRIBUTE to problems they were designed to solve. BOTH wind and solar farms are themselves causing local climate change. And, they have a DEVASTATING effect on biodiversity.
    Please open your eyes my neighbors and speak up. A vote for Murphy will not only hurt us…it will harm our children and grandchildren down the line with devastating consequences.
    The following was originally published by CERES Science on 1 October 2022 and updated on 13 March 2022. Concern for climate change has driven MASSIVE investment in new “green energy” policies intended to reduce greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and other environmental impacts from fossil fuel industry. The world spent US$3,660 Billion on climate change projects over the eight- year period 2011-2018. A total of 55% of this sum was spent on solar and wind energy, while only 5% was spent on ADAPTING to the impacts of extreme weather events.
    Surprising Environmental Impacts :
    The researchers discovered that renewable energy sources sometimes CONTRIBUTE to the problems they were designed to solve. Ex: A series of international studies have found that BOTH WIND and SOLAR FARMS ARE THEMSELVES CAUSING LOCAL CLIMATE CHANGE. Wind farms INCREASE the temperature of the soil microbes to release MORE CARBON DIOXIDE!!!! So, ironically, while wind energy might be partially reducing human “carbon emissions”, IT IS ALSO INCREASING !!! The “carbon emissions” from natural sources.
    Agenda 21/2030

  2. Whales will be interrupted. They will beach themselves.

    We need to leave the ocean alone. We need to figure out how to remove pollution going into our oceans.

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