NYC could Bus 60,000 Migrants to Atlantic City

Small and Adams.

Atlantic City Airport could be home to 60,000 migrants that New York City will soon evict.

According to the Biden administration, Atlantic City International Airport is a federally owned property that could be used for migrants in need of housing, food, clothing and healthcare.


Ire over proposal to house migrants at Atlantic City airport.

NYC Mayor Adams, NJ Gov Murphy and AC Mayor Small apparently no longer in support of illegal border crossings and sanctuary city and state status.

NYC could Bus 60,000 Migrants to Atlantic City 1 NYC could Bus 60,000 Migrants to Atlantic City
County Exec Levinson

Atlantic City has been the perennial dumping ground. People continuously dump their less fortunate on Atlantic City.


Where do we find the money? asked Andrew Parker of the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners.

ACY is one of several areas the Biden administration wants to house the men.

Proposal to house migrants at Atlantic City airport draws strong pushback


8 thoughts on “NYC could Bus 60,000 Migrants to Atlantic City”

  1. F around and find out

    I guess Gov Murphy, NYC Mayor Adams and AC Mayor Small don’t want to be sanctuaries for illegals anymore.

  2. I read that there is a property on Amherst ave around 8200 where a person stored Lifeguard stands .
    That can be used for housing.

  3. Atlantic City airport is federal land? Then federal government should pay to house, feed and educate these people.
    Hopefully as a temporary solution.
    Until they can integrate these people into communities all across America.

  4. Send the 60,000 to Biden Delaware Neighborhood. Or to the Border Czar s hometown oh yeah who is the Border Czar I think she resigned that job .

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