Ventnor Forced To Buy Property in Order to Block Un-Welcome Operation

At the Dec. 12, Ventnor Commission Meeting, officials hosted a public hearing over the semi-secretive purchase of 6510-12 Ventnor Ave.

The mixed-use, business district building was gutted by fire this past July 2019. The charred remains quickly hauled away. Exact cause of fire not yet shared with public.

At issue: an ‘anonymous’ buyer wants to acquire that now vacant sliver of land. Interested buyer placing multiple calls to property owner / Margate Real Estate broker, DJ Gluck.

Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf says proposed use by potential new owners would ‘most definitely not be in best interest of the city.’ Would probably be tax exempt too, according to Ventnor City Solicitor.

That’s why we gotta buy it. Like right now. WTF?


Will City of Ventnor need to buy up any property that might be of interest to this ‘anonymous’ buyer and their unwelcome operation?

During the Dec. 12 City meeting, Commissioner Landgraf admitted: we (as the city) don’t support the use a potential buyer might place there.

Landgraf would not share who the anonymous buyer is, and what type of operation they would likely run in that spot.

Ventnor Ordinance 2019-22 was adopted on Dec 12, 2019.

Ventnor taxpayers will be forced to pay for buying that land, and will forgo tax ratables. Deal will take property off the tax roles. Approx $10,000 per year.

Landgraf not big fan of online chatter about this deal. Can’t blame him. Must be tough to lose control of the local narrative.

During public comment, one particular resident asked if Ventnor officials (Landgraf Kriebel and Holtzman) have any financial interest in the current owner of that property.

Paula Deluca Ventnor Pocket Park Tax Exempt
Ventnor Elected Officials: Kriebel, Holtzman, Landgraf

For his day job, Landgraf is Zoning Czar at the infamous CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in Atlantic City.

Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf channeling Nancy Pelosi: when sale is complete, more info will be shared.

A miniature park in that dark space would be partially hidden from police view. Fears that it could it become a ‘needle’ park.

Landgraf: proposed use by new owners would ‘most definitely not be in best interest of city.’


Paula deluca ventnor pocket park taxes
Public Funds for Private Pleasure?

North Beach pocket park at Nashville Ave already has Ventnor Planning Board approval. Already applied for tax exemption. Won’t be paying taxes. People will have to PAY to get into this so-called ‘pocket park’.

What does Ventnor Commissioner, Tim Kriebel, think about the pocket park at corner of Ventnor & Nashville Ave? That property won’t be paying taxes. ‘That’s more egregious’ says Kriebel. It’s fenced off. A coded gate. Membership fees. Tax exempt. [Watch Video]

SUMMARY: The pending purchase by Ventnor of 6510-12 Ventnor Ave to create a pocket park…. looks like a smoke screen to us. A defensive deal to keep parcel away from a particular, potential buyer who wants to build something… the city DOESN’T want.

Would owner Gluck do dis-service to Ventnor by selling property to buyer that Ventnor doesn’t want?

Should Gluck hold onto land until suitable buyer comes along? Why force Ventnor to buy something that will likely just sit there for years to come?

Will this particular, anonymous buyer ever consider buying properties in Margate? We doubt it.

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below. Local officials are watching…

12 thoughts on “Ventnor Forced To Buy Property in Order to Block Un-Welcome Operation”

  1. Downbeach Reality Show

    Commissioner Landgraf & Ventnor setting dangerous precedent? Will City be forced to buy up any property that might be sold to buyers with plans for ‘un-attractive’ tax-exempt uses? Is current owner of property placing Ventnor in tough position? That answer is YES. Some think it’s highly un-ethical. Why doesn’t current property owner (DJ Gluck) just wait for a more suitable buyer? Shame on both parties for foisting this problem on the backs of Ventnor taxpayers.

    1. Asking someone to wait for a ” more suitable ” buyer, is beyond ridiculous. If you were selling your property to someone and people objected, would you wait for a more suitable buyer? No chance. You would take the money and move on.

  2. Will City of Ventnor need to buy up any property that might be of interest to this ‘anonymous’ buyer and their unwelcome operation?

  3. Drug rehab center is mysterious unwanted buyer?
    If so, say so! In fact, just say what the un-wanted use is! Regardless. Public officials being silent on what they’re doing or planning is undemocratic and just wrong.
    ‘We’ll tell you after we do it’. Just a wow comment for a public servant.

  4. Be open and honest. No secrets. But “tax exempt” should be avoided. This City is already the laughing stock of the South Jersey shore towns when it comes to taxes. My friend just bought a $2.5M home in Avalon and pays one-half the taxes I do on my $500K house in Ventnor.

    1. So you are saying your friend is paying about 7,000 taxes on her 2.5 million dollar house in Avalon? I doubt that’s even close to being accurate.

      1. It’s definitely correct. The overall tax rate in Avalon is about 1/3 of the rate in Ventnor. Taxes are a crime in Ventnor. Just look at the rates at any other shore town in Cape May County. They are all considerably lower than Ventnor’s

  5. What happened to the notion of transparency in government? The Commissioners work for us – they should not be making backroom deals because they “don’t like” a prospective buyer. At least put the whole story out front for the citizens of Ventnor to understand the objection. And don’t plan on spending our money without a very good, openly disclosed reason.

  6. If I want to put a fence up, I need a variance. I need a permit for just about anything I do to the outside of my house. They (Ventnor) could definitely control the type of business that opens on Ventnor Avenue. This deal sounds fishy to me.

  7. I thought ventnor had a planning board to give permits for new building. I guess the ruling party just feel they can doa better job.

  8. Red flags everywhere! No transparency. Most residents and taxpayers are not in Ventnor during the winter months. They are unaware of the issue. Real Estate developer DJ needs to find a suitable buyer. Like any other seller. DON’T MAKE HIS PROBLEM OURS!

    Should not be taxpayers problem to bail out millionaire. No incoming tax revenue. Crazy tax base for little service. Then spending OUR money to maintain + develop. Examples like this type of sham government is why so many people are selling in Ventnor + moving to Longport. We voted you in + can vote you out.

    Fishing pier should be freed. At least 1 day a week free to taxpayers. You can be better than this!

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