Will Atlantic County Commissioners Join Fight Against Offshore Wind?

The future of Atlantic County’s economy could be at significant risk, based on the future impacts of offshore wind projects and the industrialization of our ocean.

That’s according to Keith Moore of the Defend Brigantine and Downbeach Alliance.

Atlantic Shores and Ocean Wind developers will build 566 highly visible giant wind turbines starting 9 miles off our beaches.

April 16 2024 meeting.

In February of 2023, concerned citizens attended the Atlantic County Commissioners meeting when a decision on an offshore wind resolution was to be presented.

Based on the Commissioners’ comments to the public, the general attitude was, “there is nothing we can do” and “it is a done deal.”

Not one commissioner stated that there was something they could, or should do, about the offshore wind projects.

Now fourteen months later, to the best of our knowledge, Atlantic County Commissioners have taken no public action demonstrating that they educated themselves, informed their public, or hired experts and legal counsel to help navigate the complexity of the offshore wind project developments.

On April 15, 2024, the same group of concerned citizens went back to the Atlantic County Commissioners meeting to present the results of a detailed report (each was emailed the detailed report) on the economic damages that will occur to Atlantic County as a result of the offshore wind projects.

Once more these concerned citizens were rebuffed with the same rhetoric mentioned above.

The time is now for Atlantic County Commissioners to demonstrate leadership in addressing the issues with the wind development projects off our coast. It is time to follow Cape May County’s blueprint as referenced above. It works.

Compared to the County’s challenging economic issues of the past, the offshore wind projects will have an even greater catastrophic impact to Atlantic County economic revenues and property values.

The casino industry may move away since Atlantic City will no longer offer the “coastal vibe” that is an attraction for its customers. Tourism? Fishing? The Boardwalk? The Beaches?

It is impossible to imagine how the municipalities and towns will survive.

Do the Atlantic County Commissioners have a plan for how they will lead the transition from a tourism, beach, and fishing economy with coastline views littered with hundreds of offshore industrial wind energy utility plants?

If County Commissioners continue to remain indifferent to these offshore wind projects, their next priority will be planning for a huge collapse in the economy and tax base, combined with exorbitant electricity rate increases.

It is time for our elected officials, the Atlantic County Commissioners, and our Atlantic County Legislators to stand up and represent the good citizens of Atlantic County to protect them and stop this impending madness, as Cape May County has done.

Below is a summary of the economic impacts of the wind development projects off the coastline of Atlantic County that were presented to the Commissioners on April 15 and subsequently ignored.

Full report contains details and calculations to support summary statements by using scientific studies used to prepare analysis, can be found at Defendbrigantinebeach.org

Residential Property Value Loss

Based on the impact of an industrialized ocean view from beach homes in Atlantic City, Brigantine, Longport, Margate, and Ventnor, total property values could be reduced by $2.2 billion, and the County, municipalities, and school districts could lose over $36 million in annual tax revenues.

  • Rental Demand Loss
  • Tourism Revenue
  • Job and Tax Losses
  • Energy Cost Increase
  • Recreational Fishing
  • Casino Contraction

Contact Keith Moore

Defend Brigantine and Downbeach Alliance.

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