2023 Election Results, New Atlantic County Sheriff

Election 2023 Winners.

Atlantic County residents showed up at the ballot box for Election 2023. Public safety was a top priority.

Let’s take a look at the winners.

Candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff, ‘Tokyo’ Joe O’Donoghue, won handily over incumbent, Eric Scheffler.

The O’Donoghue campaign focused on the critical need for county-wide, law enforcement. Scheffler is best known for his admirable social service efforts.

  • Joe O’Donoghue (R) 27,212
  • Eric Scheffler (D) 22,459

Atlantic County Executive

  • Dennis Levinson
Polistina, Guardian, Swift.

New Jersey Senate

  • Vince Polistina

Atlantic County Commission

  • John W. Risley Jr.
  • Andrew Parker
  • June Byrnes wins seat vacated by Caren Fitzpatrick who ran unsuccessful bid against incumbent, Senator Vince Polistina.
Jesse Kurtz and Don Guardian, Atlantic City
Kurtz, Guardian.

New Jersey Assembly

  • Don Guardian
  • Claire Swift

Lower Chelsea, Atlantic City

  • Jesse Kurtz, 6th Ward win over challenger, Geoff Dorsey who was mired in scandals including his role as Treasurer for the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Special Thanks to Atlantic County Clerk, Joe Giralo.

It’s not easy being county clerk, especially when it comes to elections.

Great job, Atlantic County Clerk, Joe Giralo.

Atlantic County Clerk, Joe Giralo.
WOND’s Baker, Giralo.

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3 thoughts on “2023 Election Results, New Atlantic County Sheriff”

  1. I am grateful and thankful for these election results. Hopefully
    Merrit, Honor, Dedication and Honesty are being recognized by
    the electorites. “Honest measure and full scale hurt no man”
    enjoy ….!!!

  2. Thank God our new elected officials will take crime and public safety seriously.
    Give respect back to our police officers please.
    Please keep AC safe.
    Thank you
    Tracey A. Tarquinio

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