Atlantic City Residents Prefer Beachfront Bulkheads Over Unsightly Dunes.

Atlantic City Boardwalk Dunes
Atlantic City Boardwalk Dunes

It’s not just Margate, Ventnor and Lonport complaining about view killing sand dunes. Even residents of Atlantic City are putting more pressure on officials to lower the Atlantic City dune heights to a more reasonable elevation.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is noisy with no ocean views.

At a recent Boardwalk committee meeting, AC resident Tom Foley shared photos from his recent trip to Ocean City Maryland. Foley was impressed by their boardwalk that was built in 1991.

Margate  and Ventnor take note: the Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk features a steel & concrete bulkhead.

Ocean City Maryland. Beach, Bulkheads & Boardwalk.
Ocean City Maryland. Beach, Bulkheads & Boardwalk.

It not only protects against oceanfront storm surge, but it allows for enjoyment of the water & beach views while walking the boards.

AC resident Tom Foley shared pictures from his recent trip to Ocean City, Maryland. He was quite impressed, and so are we.

Ocean City Maryland uses concrete and steel bulk heading instead of sand based dunes.

When faced with an approaching storm, Ocean City MD engages their floodgate system. This quickly shuts down the bulkhead walk-throughs, preventing most storm surge from entering the streets.

Closed Flood Gate

In Brigantine, they follow their own set of rules when it comes to beaches, dunes and real estate.

The Brigantine dunes have grown so high over the years, that council is now allowing certain homeowners to modify the dune fields. To their liking. Mainly… to provide for a more expansive water view. This would then increase the home’s property value.

Brigantine Natural Dunes

Want the ability to modify the dune in front of your home, without asking for pesky DEP approval? You’ll have to move to Brigantine for that privilege.

Brigantine City Council recently passed an ordinance allowing private homeowners to cut and modify the dune system adjacent to their homes.

LISTEN: Brigantine Councilman Rick Delucry asks City Manager, Roxanne Tosto, if DEP is OK with private dune maintenance. 

Click below.

To date, the NJ DEP & other state agencies don’t seem to be getting in the way of this potential, environmental clear cut.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Assistant Commissioner is Dave Rosenblatt. We look forward to his input on this situation.

DEP Rosenblatt
DEP’s David Rosenblatt. Pic by Press of AC

According to Brigantine City ordinance, city engineer, Ed Stinson, has designated the zoning officer, Mike Coyne, to oversee the permitting process.

Once dune cutting is complete, Stinson is required to make sure it was done according to, what we consider, a murky set of regulations.

NOTE: Coyne’s background is primarily real estate and development. Stinson is also the Ventnor public works chief.

Example of Private Dune Cutting Brigantine DEP
Example of Private Dune Cutting

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