Ducktown Podcaster: Stench of Weed on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Watch video. June 10, 2023.

‘Shame on Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. The Green Zone is absolutely horrendous’, so says Ducktown podcaster, Johnny X, aka John Exadaktilos.

Johnny X is the outspoken owner of the popular sports bar, Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City.

The Boardwalk stinks like raw sewage. We’re subjecting families to public pot smoking.

Johnny X Podcast

There’s no buffer around schools, churches, or medical facilities. Not enough separation between operations.

The Atlantic City Mayor welcomes an unlimited number of cannabis grow facilities, retail outlets and consumption lounges. To date, NJ CRDA has processed approximately 3O cannabis related, land-use applications.

Another great Johnny X podcast. No punches pulled as usual. Especially when it comes to legalized cannabis.

Not Family Friendly: Stench of Weed Smoke on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

The NJ CRDA is handcuffed?

CRDA’s Landgraf

Kannabis Kash McKinley, AC’s weed wizard inside City Hall, prefers to flood the market with cannabis operations.

  • Consumption Lounges
  • Manufacture & Package
  • Retail
  • Grow & Cultivation

Coming soon: $100 mil for Boardwalk repair. Sounds great, but the stench of pungent weed will ruin a family Boardwalk experience.

The boardwalk is supposed to be for families. Can’t take kids to AC anymore. Such a shame.

Public Comment

Note: It’s illegal to smoke in public spaces. AC Mayor Small supports no enforcement of law. Should Atlantic County oversee Atlantic City cannabis industry?

The former Los Amigos restaurant, next to Atlantic Care Hospital in AC, could become a cannabis dispensary?

Rising crime and chaos. The Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small appointed ‘Anti-Violence Group’ allegedly features members that are violent, sexual harassers.

Six lawsuits so far. Each ‘Anti-Violence’ employee has a taxpayer funded, $76k annual salary.

Johnny X Podcast

ducktown tavern

Visit Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City.

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9 thoughts on “Ducktown Podcaster: Stench of Weed on Atlantic City Boardwalk”

  1. I tried to leave a warning when other cities near Atlantic City were going to add cannabis, but it’s basically a disaster for the environment of the people who live there and also the other businesses.

    1. I witnessed the corruption that caused my daughter and I to suffer from scum lords not doing their due diligence in repairs.

      When I went to Atlantic City Hall, I literally witnessed the corruption and I wholeheartedly agree with you and respect your getting to the point better than I do!

  2. Medical marijuana is a totally different issue which I agree should be legal.

    This legal marijuana (which I also agree with) under the guise of social justice is all about tax revenue. From what I hear, most people are still not using the legalized marijuana stores because they are very expensive.

    I personally do not smoke marijuana.

    Atlantic City is the same old, same old.

    They basically blew it with legalized gambling and will blow it (no pun intended) on legalized marijuana.

  3. There is no enforcement unless you are an enemy of AC mayor Marty Small. You do not have to follow any rules if you are a supporter of Mayor Small. You will never get a parking ticket or be cited for a filthy disgusting property.

    The reporting system is also a joke, complaints are closed but not corrected and if they get your name, watch out; you will be targeted.

    Wake up Atlantic City residents, this mayor thinks the city is clean and safe.

  4. Smelling pot on the street is disgusting and trashy. I would never take my family to Atlantic City. It’s dirty, crime ridden, shabby looking, and now this pot debacle! This is what happens when you put the wrong people in government.

  5. Coming soon. Near your town (Ventnor) if we don’t let our voices be heard to city council.

    Take note of the 2 smoke shops already in place in Ventnor and are ready to run when the tides turn.

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