Essex Ave Neighbors Growing Concern Over Outdoor Dining Issues in Margate

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Bocca Outdoor Dining, Drinking & Live Music

Residents of Essex Ave in Margate increasingly concerned about alleged expansion of outdoor seating at the popular BOCCA Restaurant.

Tables being placed on the sidewalks, on both sides of the Bocca street tent. Essex Ave residents claim they’re no longer able to easily pass on their way to Ventnor Ave.

Listen to public comments from Margate Commissioners meeting of Aug 6, 2020.

LISTEN > Bocca outdoor seating

bocca margate
Bocca Tables Blocking Essex Ave Sidewalk

Essex Ave neighbors also noted outdoor noise, that may or may not end at 10pm. Bocca features nightly live music for their street dining tent at the corner of Ventnor & Essex Ave.

Essex Ave neighbors no longer able to pass Bocca outdoor seating and tent.

8 photos documenting the potential infractions were sent to Margate City officials and were reviewed by Mayor Becker, along with Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg.

Margate residents growing concern over BOCCA outdoor dining area.

During public comment, local resident suggested Bocca outdoor dining and drinking tent could be open through December.

Residents want parking stickers. Employees using all the street parking.

Mayor Becker of Margate responded, ‘we’ll look into this’.

44 thoughts on “Essex Ave Neighbors Growing Concern Over Outdoor Dining Issues in Margate”

  1. Suckers! What did you think was going to happen? Residents are second class citizens in Margate. It’s all about what the “foodies” want and the tourists. Too noisy? Too congested? No parking for residents? Tough shit. Suck it up buttercup!

    1. It’s not just Bocca. We are living near a similar situation. The owner is arrogant and entitled. We don’t mind the outdoor dining, but the music is unnecessary. They can all run their businesses without it. Anyone defending these disrespectful businesses would not put up with this outside theie bedroom windows including the business owners. And it’s disgusting to see people jamming to DJ’s and bands while the country is suffering. Get your food, support local businesses, but it doesn’t have to be a party.

  2. alanna alexander

    Bocca owner is NOT following social distancing!! There are crowds of people gathering everyday. Numbers are rising. How are they getting away with this? Who do they know? This is so wrong. I feel very bad for the people who live near by. SO NOT FAIR. Bocca is out of control!!!

    1. I ate there Wednesday night and didn’t notice any congregating. You have a choice to eat out or stay home, you assume the risk when you go out. People have to make a living. Aren’t taxes high enough in Margate?

      1. Thank you for your comment.
        Totally makes sense.
        The other comments on this page,
        don’t make any sense.
        Loud noise?
        I think Jane Doe should turn down the volume in her hearing aid

        1. I have not been to The shore in years but was very disappointed yesterday to see why Covid cases are rising in the Garden State. Casel’s looked like a feeding frenzy with people in line & the store packed with no social distancing. The beach was jammed & again no social distancing. As a result we went to dinner at 4 at Barrel’s- what a pleasure & delicious as ever! They clearly take this virus seriously. I went on the beach at 6 for a walk & swim- better at that time. The lack of masks & social proximity is appalling to say the least.

      2. Ur right everybody else can sit in their house with their masks on like sheep being lead to the slaughter!! All you people keep following MSM, CNN and MSNBC!! You can got to Walmart with 300 people but you cannot by yourself go vote in a booth!! It’s bullshit!! You can go to a yoga studio but not a gym!! Makes no sense!!

      3. Yes ,you are correct. Businesses do need to operate and people do have a choice to stay home or not and homeowners need to be somewhat understanding. But when do all parties, business owners, customers and home owners take a step back and realize that they need to value others. It amazes me how we are so self absorbed. Trying to be fair to all concerned is virtually impossible. Though all parties could try their best to satisfy the situation.

  3. Is anyone surprised to hear this is happening???
    Does anyone expect it to “disappear like magic”
    when Covid does?

  4. While I sympathize with the need for businesses to make money, why does the music have to be so loud? Does the volume impact the bottom line for profits? There is way -too -loud music five out of seven nights a week. It is relentless and did I mention, really loud. The music can be heard about three blocks away.

  5. Who get a street closed in margate unless the mayor is in you back pocket. Look at all the infractions that are going on.

  6. Just brainstorming: Take your pictures and send them to Governor Murphy’s office or call one of the Philadelphia Newsrooms. They love a story and will spread the news of the infractions on television.

  7. what a shame for the people living on Essex avenue. it’s bad enough having to deal with the fear of covid19, but they can’t even have peace and quiet in their own homes. I understand the plight of the restaurants trying to keep their businesses going. but why annoy your neighbors as you are doing?

  8. All summer, especially on weekends, there are dozens of kids on Washington Avenue and the beach late into the night. They are loud and obnoxious. These are young kids who make threats, urinate on the bulkhead, and drink. Where are their parents? If this was in your front yard, you would make sure they were gone, but you send them to the beaches in Margate. The police cannot do anything about them. The curfew and beach rules are ignored or nonexistent. I guess it’s just easier to dump them on others.

    1. Re the kids at Washington Ave and the beach Kate at night:. And that is out in the open. Imagine what happens under a boardwalk.

  9. Suck the outdoor dining up. It keeps people working and besides, you live in a beach town. What do you expect during the summer? The only thing I would agree with is stopping the loud music in the evening. If we were able to dine inside, then you’d be complaining that you can’t get a table. STFU and enjoy your summer.

  10. what is amazing about these comments is that many have fake names.

    There is only one month left in summer, let them make there money so their business can survive. Just deal with it and pretend your on Washington and Amherst Avenues back in the 80-90s.

  11. Wawawawawa. Stop the crying. These businesses have been devastated all summer. 10pm ? In the summer ? Big deal. Let people make a living. The people who are complaining are probably getting paid by the government. Walk around the block. Most of you could use the exercise from what I see.

  12. Really? Privileged Margate residents complaining? “How dare you!” Just shut down all your tax paying businesses. What’s another $1500.00/month in property taxes? Certainly you can afford it. Putz’s

  13. I commend the Margate officials for helping their local business’s during these difficult times. I live on Essex and think the outdoor dining is a great idea. They should make it permanent, it adds some life to this town!

    1. I agree. It makes me feel like I am in Europe. It is cool having the outside dinning in the streets. I actually wish they would close down Amhurst from Lamberti’s to Tomatoes and have tents, lights and dinning! It is the summer and people love to socialize in Margate. Of course, all businesses must make sure they keep the social distancing and keep outside clean and if they don’t then they shouldn’t be allowed to participate.

  14. Temporary local resident parking plaques for local residents is a good idea, for as long as the tent is up. the parking wars run rampant all over town so I can imagine what it’s like for that area during this time. the owner of Bocca should be cognizant of his Nieghbor’s with the noise level, and try to monitor that, but “locals” who choose to live in a beach town and then complain about everything a beach town represents need to understand they can’t have it both ways. These are unprecedented times and we need to be more flexible to the new normal. Margate cannot afford for places like Bocca to go out of business, we will all have to pick up that bill on tax day, and as a 2nd homeowner I already pay enough taxes with no voice in who is Running the city and where my tax money is spent.

    1. The 2 hour parking permits are a joke. The law is not enforced. We are forced to spend the $5 and the town pays to put up the signs but it’s all a waste of time if it’s not enforced. Also a lot of the parking spaces are filled by employees.

  15. Best spot on the island. Try listening to the music for a moment maby. The city should be congratulated for lending a hand to all the local restaurants and businesses . The great and wise mr spock did proclaim that “ The needs of the many outway the needs of the few. “ boca is an oasis Leave it alone! “ live long and prosper”

  16. Is there video of this out of control Bocca. I’ve picked up my take out numerous times and haven’t witnessed this, personally.

  17. Sad, how crisis brings out the worst/ best in people…the arrogance in light of a pandemic and could care less about neighbors & being safe too is proof just how some people think they are automatically part of the privilege class separated by the rest of society. Margate isn’t any more special than any other shore town …they are not immune

  18. Wait, so any business that wants to expand its revenue can request to shut down streets and set up shop? Cool, got it.

    What if every restaurant/business in town shut the streets down. You can’t get around as it is.

    What about fire & rescue?

  19. What a bunch of whiny babies. I commend the mayor. I commend the owner of Bocca for everything he’s doing to stay up and running, including great food outdoors, great live music (that isnt loud) you whiny people should get out and see how awesome that Bocca scene is. The owner is a visionary. Is frickin beach town you whiny babies! You shouldve lived near Gables on Washington ave, near the bay in the old days. OH and what about Jerry Blavatt blasting all nit until 2 AM. You whiners should get a life, and leave the mayor and owners of restaurants alone. Cloce your windows, turn on your air conditioning and watch TV. Leave the brilliant owner of Bocca, and the mayor alone. Like I said earlier… Its a beach town, so watch your TV, and be happy the mellow music doesnt go until 2:00AM like back in the day. You whiners make me sick!!!

    1. So let’s see if I get this straight. The whole point of your rant is to complain about anyone expressing (valid) concerns and labelling them whiners. Which you then did FIVE times… thereby making YOU the whiner. Great job !

  20. As a neighbor. I applaud Bocca’ s creativity to do whatever it takes to stay in business during hard times. My main issues are the loud music and the lack of social distancing with no face masks, within their outdoor seating area.

    I’m reluctant to call police about the live, loud music. I’m also reluctant to talk with Bocca owner Lou, as he has often stated that’s he not concerned about the neighborhood.

    1. So despite your screen name of “who cares” you obviously cared enough to complain 2 different times —- about other people complaining. You get the absurdity of that, right?

      1. Are you complaining about me complaining about the complaining…whocares as in whocares to complain about people tired of being in the house are outside doing a little enjoying themselves as best they can in a unusual circumstance… only people who are narcissistic and complain about anything everything.

        1. No stupid, I’m mocking you. Thanks for proving my point. For “who cares” you’ve now posted 3 times to prove how little you care. And you’re still complaining…

  21. I am trying my best to support local businesses but somethings do not make sense. You can’t park on the beach block for life safety reasons but closing a street is not. I live near the bay and the music at Memories is so loud, I can’t hear my tv. The volume is unnecessary and will not hurt his business at a respectful level for a neighborhood

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