Just 25% of Margate Voters Participated in 2019 Election

Margate has 4,842 registered voters. Only 25% cared enough to vote in last weeks election. In the May 14, 2019 election, only 1,231 voters participated.

Close to 75% of Margate taxpayers were forced to sit on the sidelines. They are 2nd homeowners with no voting rights.

Candidate2019 2015
Tesler533(Taube 903)

Voter Apathy in Margate. Low Turnout for 2019 Election.

  • 2019 election: 2,905 votes were cast
  • 2015 election: 4,110 votes were cast

NOTE: There were 788 ‘undervotes’ in the 2019 Margate NJ election. An undervote occurs when the number of choices selected by a voter in a contest is less than the maximum number allowed for that contest.

In a contested election, an undervote can be construed as active voter disaffection. An undervote can be intentional for purposes including protest votestactical voting, or abstention. Alternately undervotes can be unintentional and caused by many factors including poor ballot design.

Note: non-voting 2nd homeowners should be aware that this trend will only get worse. Fewer voters in Margate will likely mean: Keeping the status quo. Fewer voters and larger amounts of taxpayers ratables controlled by handful of individuals not concerned with non-voting 2nd home-owners of Margate.

Recommendation: Join Margate Homeowners Association. Retain services of attorney with municipal auditing experience.

4 thoughts on “Just 25% of Margate Voters Participated in 2019 Election”

  1. Well, its been 5 days since the election and not one person has commented.
    Its apparent that the “bullet vote” concept did not turn out as expected.
    If 2nd home-owners want to have more of a say, MAKE MARGATE YOUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE,
    and stop whining about lack of representation.

    1. Well I’m a full timer and didn’t vote for any of the three. Voted for Tesler. Seems most of the full timers are older and prefer what they have (most don’t like change). As for part timers making Margate their primary residence…that won’t happen. Would you do that if you were a part timer?
      You must be a full timer and don’t care about the part timers… they are the ones who pay taxes and don’t get the benefit of what we have here, i.e. full time firefighters, loads of cops (ha what a joke that is..why do we need so many full time cops off season…waste of tax payers money…put them on part time and then full time during season when needed). Cops here also think they’re really special…
      They don’t work so hard…most of time I see them on phone while driving, stopping to talk to their friends while on duty.
      I was a part timer and now full timer. As for part timers whining about lack of representation I think it’s the full timers who don’t give a darn about part timers. May be if they did then we wouldn’t
      have the same ***holes back in government.

  2. Seems like full-year residents voted against their own self interest. Let’s elect someone that watches out for US!

  3. I am a part-timer and have been for 14 years. My primary residence is Florida. Why would I want to make Margate my primary residence? As corrupt and wasteful as the politicians in Florida are, they cannot hold a candle to the politics in New Jersey and Margate. I don’t hear the full-timers complain about the taxes being paid by the summer residents. Talk about taxation without representation, the part-timers are the poster children. Maybe if the Margate city government was better run, you might find more part-timers who would want to make Margate their primary residence.

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