Can Margate Bullet Vote Help Tesler Beat 3 Amigos?

On Tuesday, May 14, eligible residents will cast their vote in Margate. In the meantime, part-time Margations (75% of Margate tax base) will sit on the sidelines and hope for some much needed shake-up inside City Hall.

The incumbents, also known as ‘The Three Amigos’ are Michael Becker, Maury Blumberg and John Amodeo. Will they overcome some heavy baggage like… over-development, lack of parking, dune boggles, beach sewer pipes, Amherst Ave waterparks, not-so-mini golf, public porta-potties, a bloated school district, as well as the infamous Ventura’s hotel overlay scheme?

What is a Margate Bullet Vote? Watch Video:

Only 3 of the 4 candidates will win a four-year term on the Margate Board of Commissioners.

The promising challenger is Calvin Tesler, who’s hoping to break the business as usual, log-jam inside Margate City Hall.

Are term limits needed in Margate? Becker and Blumberg are hoping to see a 4th term.

Margate polls are opened til 8p.

  • Tighe School, 7804 Amherst Ave.
  • Ross School, 101 N. Haverford Ave.
  • Municipal Building, 9001 Winchester Ave.

1 thought on “Can Margate Bullet Vote Help Tesler Beat 3 Amigos?”

  1. Tesler sounds like he has the right intentions for the locals. His policies serve my self-interests, so he has my vote. The locals need a voice!

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