Lighting Issues at Lamberti’s on Amherst Ave in Margate

lamberti margate amherst ave
Lamberti Restaurant, Amherst Ave, Margate.

A few months back, esteemed Margate solicitor, John Scott Abbott described the overly bright lights on a Lamberti’s lot.

Abbott: ‘You can read the New York Times a block down off that light at night time. It’s way too bright.

He (Lamberti) violates our ordinance on lighting that we enacted after the infamous ‘blue house’ incident.’

Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate 1 Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate

Amherst Ave now neighbors pointing out the overly bright lights on the new Lamberti’s which is still under construction.

Was new exterior lighting approved?

Margate Lambertis Amherst
Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate 2 Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate

A Lamberti’s Amherst opening date has NOT been announced yet, but things are moving along.

Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate 3 Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate
Steve and Cookies virtually blinded by Lamberti’s lighting?

Neighbors across the street must now shut their shades and blinds in order to block out glare of Lamberti’s lights.

Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate 4 Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate

Margate Planning Board Transparency.

Residents are often taken by surprise when returning to their summer home at the shore. Sometimes shocked at what they see.

  • The Lamberti’s project.
  • Sunrise Tequila roof-top party deck.
  • Not-so-mini golf.
  • Baglivo development at 9708 Ventnor Ave.
  • Commercial short-term-rentals operating in residential zones.

In the off-season, Planning Boards make some pretty big decisions. Too bad most homeowners are not in town from September through May. They can’t attend municipal meetings.

They can’t watch online either. Why is that?

Margate, Ventnor and Longport still block online video access to their critical Planning and Zoning Board meetings. These officials avoid public comment from the 75% of Downbeach taxpayers with no voting rights.

What can you do? Asking elected officials to turn the video cameras on and allow remote public comment. It’s simple and cheap. It’s called good government.

Most other shore towns already live-stream their Planning Board meetings, but Ventnor, Margate, Longport and Brigantine still refuse to.

Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate 5 Lighting Issues at Lamberti's on Amherst Ave in Margate
All night lights disturbing residential properties.


12 thoughts on “Lighting Issues at Lamberti’s on Amherst Ave in Margate”

  1. Stephen Salvey

    That building is a mess, ugly and driving the property values down on those houses across the street. Even the second set of lights outside you can land a plane by. Margate needs to get off there asses and make the residents happy not just Lamberti’s. What behind the scenes deals were made if so vote these people out of office. You can impeach a president you can impeach your

    1. Said it before…..I’ll say it again. ‘Best move I made in 1983 was purchasing a condo in Margate. Best move I made in 2002 was selling the condo in Margate.

  2. Ask fulltime and seasonal property owners how they feel about Margate’s development. Most will say… It’s a shame how the past and current administration is destroying Margate’s charm.

    Commercial properties like Lamberti’s is changing our town for the worse .

    Do we want the Barbary Coast back? Hell no! Margate was a mess back then.

    Our Mayor and his dad, who sits on the planning board are doing quite well financially by supporting the projects we now see in Margate.
    Conflict of interest? You be the judge.

    Amodeo still the ruling hand and runs the Republican Club. Mayor Collins is his son in law.

    Not good people.

    Margate is overdue for a property reassessment. When that happens, all of the old locals will see their taxes rise at an enormous rate and will be forced to sell. Why? They wont be able to afford the taxes.

    The locals voted them in while over 41% voted against the good ole boys.

    Good luck Margatians!

    Go ask Ed Berger, head of the Margate Business Association what he thinks.
    You can find him at Maynards or Sophia’s.

    Remember, he works for the city under the guise of the MBA and his group receives over $100,000.00 a year to do what our administration wants.

    He stated on Planning Board audio recording that projects like the Tequila Bar will lower quality of life and value of your properties.

    Great group running our tow. Not!

  3. margate is the ONLY town (AC Ventnor Somers Pt Longport OC all down the coast WITHOUT A NO SMOKING SIGN ON NJ BEACHES ENTRANCES

  4. Veronica Iezzi

    I have no problem with the lights, actually, it’s a deterrent for problems. I’m looking forward to dining at Lamberti‘s finally a place on the water.

  5. A community’s attractiveness is not only tied to its residential structures, but also to its commercial areas and the services offered.

    Lamberti’s is appropriately located on the Amherst Avenue strip, offers off-street parking at its Monroe Avenue parking lot and is well lit to ensure the safety of its patrons during evening operation.

    The City’s officials and its owner have worked hard to ensure the continued safe and accommodating hospitality services offered for several past decades by the Lamberti Family.

    Great sacrifices of time and investment have been made. Those commenting should be mindful of that time and sacrifice.

    1. Yes, we are well aware of the time, money and sacrifice that went into LAMBERTI’S building after the last few years. We as neighbors have gone through way too much too. The view over the last few years is one. Also, in previous years, the patrons rather park illegally in front of our driveways rather than walk to a parking lot. I hope this matter will be rectified. Also, take out food may be a problem for pick up? Is a plan on the way? Or should we wait for mass confusion and traffic jams or parking in front of driveways? Also, speed is a problem on Amherst now. Maybe a speed bump is needed and more police patrol. Hopefully, customers will be safe.

  6. Damn if you or damn if you don’t.

    People should just mind their own business and stop worrying about a building that’s been built.

    How about the losers just don’t go enjoy what other choices you have in Margate.

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