Tacocat Margate; Hand-Crafted Tacos, Fat Cat burritos

Tacocat Margate; Hand-Crafted Tacos, Fat Cat burritos 1 Tacocat Margate; Hand-Crafted Tacos, Fat Cat burritos
Tacocat Food Truck

Another Downbeach Foodie spotlight. This time on Tacocat, purveyors of hand crafted tacos and fat cat burritos.

8 South Essex Ave in Margate. Next to Downbeach Deli.

Walk up and order, grab an outdoor table, inquire about catering, or just keep an eye out for the famous Tacocat truck at an event near you.

After launching in Linwood, Tacocat migrated across the bridge to Margate which has been the restaurant’s home for over 4 years.

Mike and Randi are two Northfield locals that started Tacocat in 2018.

tacocat margate essex ave
Tacocat, Essex Ave, Margate.

Mike is a trained chef and ACCC culinary alum, whose creativity and passion for intricate, yet simple flavor-pairings inspired their Cal-Mex menu. 

Randi has a casino operations background from AC and Philly.

Long line to place order but came out fast. Everything quite flavorful! Grilled Mahi, Brussels sprouts, ground beef, nutty vegan, and crispy shrimp tacos on corn tortillas plus street corn and Spanish rice sides. And guacamole!


Definitely the best tacos I have had. Everybody was friendly and accommodating. If you order the nachos be prepared to share and enjoy some of the best nachos of your life.


Tacocat Menu

8 South Essex Avenue, Margate, NJ.

(609) 246-6973


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