LoBiondo Faces Heat From Fishermen & Real Estate Agents, But Accolades From Drilling Opponents

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Is outgoing Congressman Frank LoBiondo talking out of both sides of his mouth? That’s what those connected to South Jersey fishing & tourism are asking.

LoBiondo is shining a light on potential oil and natural gas exploration off the Jersey Shore. A decades long drilling ban in the Atlantic Ocean could be lifted.

But as is typical for Big Frank, he seemingly contradicts himself when pledging support for tourism, fishing and marine wildlife. 

Oil exploration would pose serious economic and environmental risks to fishing, beach and water enjoyment says Frank. But commercial and recreational fishermen remind LoBiondo that he’s deeply connected to the 50 year deal to the dredge, dune and sand pump project along the Jersey shore.

Local Real Estate agents, home owners and small business operators are also blaming LoBiondo for the financial & environmental harm caused by un-wanted dune building and beach replenishment. LoBiondo and Lance Landgraf are 2 Ventnor residents/politicians that provided most of the pro-dune cheer leading.

NOTE: Beach work is helpful is some situations, but Gov. Christie’s one-size-fits-all dune solution is still seen as an immense waste of taxpayer money.

Dredging by The Army Corp of Engineers is actually underwater strip-mining. This sea-bottom scraping has negatively impacted fishing, clamming and marine life in South Jersey.

Ironic: DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Commissioner Bob Martin says offshore drilling would pose too many ‘unacceptable risks’ to the environment, the public’s safety and the state’s economy. ‘New Jersey opposes any industrialization of our coast.’ But when it comes to dredging, dune building and beach sand pumping, Martin is clearly OK with harming the Jersey shore environment, economy and public safety.

New Jersey Dune DEO Martin


1 thought on “LoBiondo Faces Heat From Fishermen & Real Estate Agents, But Accolades From Drilling Opponents”

  1. Is it really true that Margate signed a replenishment deal with the ACOE?
    The residents of Margate absolutely did not want replenishment if the ugly dunes get washed away.
    How much cash passed between the hands of LoBiondo and DEP and ACOE?
    Nice retirement pay out

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