Margate Commission To Address Sunrise Tequila and Baglivo Apartment Complex

Sunrise Tequila Total Rebuild.

On Thursday, May 2, Margate commissioners will address the controversial, some say allegedly negligent development along the 9700 block of Ventnor Ave in Margate.

Two projects are currently under investigation by Margate Solicitor, John Scott Abbott.

Sunrise Tequila & Margate Gardens Apartment complex.

Public Comment:

Disturbing events I’ve been following on the Baglivo # of units issue.

For the May 2 meeting coming up, here are some thoughts:

If it’s true that 12 separate apartments exist, created within a design for 6 units, then it can be a serious fire / life safety violation.

6 or 12 units?

This type of violation is typically looked into without a resident stepping forward. Why? Because an out-of-control fire in a building, where egress routes have not been inspected per approved professional design documents, can get out of control and affect adjacent properties.

City officials would inherently want to look into this to protect all residents, without a resident complaining.

This type of violation may affect other lives.

Town officials whose duties are to manage or look into these potential violations should all be concerned about this from a simple minimum view of public safety.

Most fire departments visit a new property so they can strategize on how to fight a future fire. Most all municipalities’ departments do this.

Fire departments typically review the building, egress routes, type of fire alarm system installed, etc.; all to strategize how to fight a future fire and protect their own firemen and the residents while doing so.

Fire departments perform a minimum annual check on a building to confirm it’s still meeting fire codes per town ordinance.

How can the fire dept fight a fire not knowing the number of units?

The construction official would have seen this when performing inspections and the FINAL CO inspection.

I’m embarrassed for the Margate officials that are putting residents’ safety at risk by not performing a simple investigation into this building’s design and enforcing approvals attached to this property and development.

NJ DCA regulatory affairs inspectors would have a field day if after all the positioning by Baglivo and Margate officials were found to be intentionally obscuring easily determined violations which can be mitigating public safety measures from being enforced.

Anyone on a board in the State of NJ looking at voting for grants, etc. for Margate will think twice about voting to assign funds to Margate.

This being the seemingly obvious and continued misrepresentation of the residents being exhibited on a daily basis.

I know I will.

Do the right thing.

Sincerely — Phil

For reference:

Mr Collins – Mayor
Mr. Abbott – City Solicitor
Mr. McLarnon – Zoning Officer
Mr. Galantino – Contruction Office
Ms. Horn – Commissioner of Public Safety
Mr. Blumberg – Commissioner Revenue / Finance
Mr. Adams – Fire Chief


1 thought on “Margate Commission To Address Sunrise Tequila and Baglivo Apartment Complex”

  1. Abbott in charge of the investigation!

    Let the fox guard the hen house.

    Corruption and a cover up!

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