Margate Election Day is May 9, 2023

May 9, 2023 is Election Day

May 9, 2023 is election day in Margate. A new set of commissioners will soon be in charge.

Margate Mayor Michael Becker and Commissioner John Amodeo are both stepping down and will not run again for elected office.

That means Commissioner Blumberg needs a few running mates. Blumberg has picked Michael Collins and Catherine Horn.

Maury Blumberg is the Margate Commissioner of Revenue and Finance. Oversees all financial strategies for city.

Michael Collins is owner / manager of Colmar Hardware. Collins is also the son-in-law of retiring Margate Commissioner, John Amodeo.

margate 2023 elections

Catherine Horn is President of Margate’s Board of Education. She is also School Psychologist for the Atlantic City School District.

Want to throw your hat into the ring? Run against them? You have until March 6 to file a nominating petition with the Margate city clerk.

Mayor Becker not running in MAY 2023 Margate election not surprising. But Commissioner John Amodeo stepping down is a bit surprising.

If the ticket is successful, Blumberg could presumably be the next Mayor of Margate.

Maury Blumberg is the Commissioner of Revenue & Finance for Margate. Presumably, the position is responsible for financial oversight of the city. General understanding of taxes, expenses, employee costs, health care, and other municipal essentials.

During meetings, Blumberg rarely comments on rising costs of running Margate.

Public employee health care, longevity pay, bloated staffing, record number of 6-figure salaries.

Louder calls for municipal transparency. Margate officials getting pressure to provide remote access to public meetings. Turn it back on. Just like other towns are starting to do. Commissioners, Planning and School Boards. All three.

Zoom & YouTube are cheap and easy to use. We trust that Margate’s new Business Admin will encourage full transparency, unlike his predecessor, Rich Deaney.

During the last election cycle, Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg declined to participate in a ‘Meet the Candidates’ town hall. All three also backed out of a planned debate with opposing candidates.

21 thoughts on “Margate Election Day is May 9, 2023”

  1. These new people running for elected offices in Margate. MORE OF THE SAME!! Margate needs new blood, new ideas, new non patronage thinking, thinking in the best interest of Margate homeowners NOT in the elected commissioners best interest or their cronies. How about some fresh air and ideas in Margate elected officials!!

  2. I would like to have the new administration change the BOE from appointed positions to elected positions. If so, I’d run.

    1. Catherine Horn is psychologist for AC school district where student violence and sexual assault is very common. It’s a disgrace that this is not openly discussed at all school board meetings.

  3. Jersey shore towns have elections with few or no challengers to incumbents. Ventnor, Brigantine, Margate. Only going to get worse. Part-timers will pay the heavy price for this problem.

  4. Who is responsible for making Atlantic ave one lane and not putting traffic lights on blinkers like in previous years

  5. Collins is Mayor Becker’s nephew and Amodeo’s son-in-law. Remind you of Mayberry?

    Horn was hand picked for school board by Mayor Becker.

    We need another slate to go against this group of self-serving people.

    Government is supposed to represent the tax payers, not themselves.

    Amodeo brags that he owns 7 properties in Margate. Most along the bay where they want to build two hotels.

    Solicitor Abbott’s son buys a marina on Amherst Ave. Really.

    Time for change.

  6. As a second homeowner, my opinion don’t really matter, only my tax money does.

    Would be nice to know what these folks believe as far as governance goes.

    Being hand picked by the people that most constituents wanted out of their offices, is not a great endorsement.

    If these three get voted in, we can expect more pet projects for them and less “perks” for the people … like bike-racks at the bulkheads.

    As usual, the senior citizen voting group will pull lever #1.

    The bulk of taxpayers will have to live with that decision.

    1. Lou Freedman is a big supporter and backroom buddy of the Margate commissioners. That’s how he got the Essex Ave closed.

      Commissioner Amodeo felt bad because Freedman spent money for Bocca outdoor carpeting and furniture. So, they closed the street for him.
      This raised capacity by 40%, at no cost to Bocca.

      Taxpayers paid the price so Freedman could make higher profits with no additional cost.

      Then, he had the audacity to speak poorly (that is an understatement) to a woman who expressed her concern at a commissioners meeting.

      His daughter was all over Facebook bad mouthing people, especially 2nd homeowners who expressed their concerns.

      This was government at it’s worst. A business owner who could care less about the people around him.

  7. What will Bocca do without preferential treatment?

    If and when Covid returns, what corrupt administration will close a public street.

    In my life I have never seen anything comparable to closing a public street to benefit ONE business.

    Amazing we allowed it to happen. The three amigos should be ashamed of what they did.

    1. Really?
      Please share with us what you like about the new slate and what you liked about the old group of commissioners?
      Thank you

  8. TRUE! I also hear that Amodeo was given two boat slips at Lamberti’s. That’s why this disgraceful building is allowed to take so long to be built. It should have been torn down.

    Look at it from the water. It looks like a hotel.

    If these three get in…goodbye residential Margate.

    Amodeo, Becker and Blumberg will get their payday at our expense.

  9. Do you mean this quote from poet John Lydgate and later by President Abe Lincoln,

    “You can please some of the people all of the time ,You can please all of the people some of the time,but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”

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