Ventnor Considers Longer, Short-Term Rental Stays

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Short-term vacation rentals in Ventnor are:

#1. A popular investment strategy.

#2. Potential nightmare for neighbors.

#3. Vibrant part of the Downbeach economy.

#4. All of the above.

Currently, there’s no minimum stay requirements when renting a Ventnor home. This can sometimes attract unruly occupants.

Margate mandates a 1-week rental minimum. Other towns have 2-3 day minimums.

Poorly managed short-term vacation rentals, (STR’s) can create parking issues, excessive noise, trash, property damage and all night parties.

Ventnor Commissioners want to adjust the short-term rental ordinance. It would affect the 2023 summer season.

Ventnor Short Term Rental
Ventnor City Hall

FEEDBACK SESSION: Short-term rental discussion on Feb. 9 at 5:30p. Ventnor City Hall.

Over 400 Ventnor homes are featured on short-term rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO.

Short-term rental ordinance: property owners must buy mercantile license.

Ventnor may increase minimum rental stays to 2-3 nights, maybe longer. No more one-night rentals. Longer stays likely?

Owner-occupied short-term rental units fare better. Responsible STR operators are strict. Some install noise monitors and security cameras.


13 thoughts on “Ventnor Considers Longer, Short-Term Rental Stays”

  1. The noise and unruly behavior is not defined only by the length of stay. There are plenty of long term owners that come from other places for the summer and are loud and obnoxious. On the flip side, there are plenty of long term residents, not necessarily owners, who are responsible parts of the small community. Many of the people coming for the summer especially among condo establishments, are definitive examples of entitlement and feel as they are untouchable.

    1. You seem to rather conveniently be ignoring the noise and behavior of full-time homeowners and their guests/friends in the summer. They are hardly blameless while you heap blame on second homeowners and renters.

  2. The mercantile licenses have tripled in price from 100 dollars to 352 dollars. This seems excessive since a one room studio costs the same as a 10 bedroom house. This license should be based on your square footage and occupancy.

    1. Why shouldn’t all licenses be the same price? It’s the same paperwork.
      Don’t all driver’s licenses cost the same at DMV?

  3. It’s common sense and common knowledge that the behavior and the types of people renting for a week are far different than those renting overnite.
    No one wants overniters coming except those profiting from afar.
    This is a no brainer.
    Pass a minimum 3 night minimum.
    Like every other responsible municipality.

    1. Disagree. I think it’s your OPINION, not common sense or common knowledge. I agree there should be longer rentals required but someone who will be loud, disrespectful and party will do so irrespective of whether it’s 1 or 3 days.

    2. Hi Marc, as an Airbnb host, 3 nights would mean to get weekend rentals, people would have to take Friday and or Monday just for a quick stay. This would limit our abilities to govern our own properties and be responsible Hosts. 2 nights seems more reasonable for weekenders.

    3. Why is it common sense and common knowledge, other than it seems to be your opinion. While I do think there should be longer stays required, people who will drink, party and be loud can just as easily do it over 2 or 3 nights as they can over 1.

        1. I stand corrected. Apparently I am the only Ventnorite whose experience with short term renters is much worse overwhelmingly so, than long term renters, in terms of noise and annoyance and unpleasant issues. I wonder why our neighboring towns all have short term restrictions if there are no differences.
          Curious our divergent opinions.

          1. No I was agreeing! Just saying that the length of stay does not or renter or owner status does not mean a direct connection to rude behavior. Plenty of people are quiet full time renters who witness rude summer owners. Does that make sense? Well yes let’s see if Ventnor steps up to pass this.

          2. Completely agree Beachy. Rudeness and inappropriate behavior can happen irrespective of the duration of rental, and whether full-time or second homeowner status. But do agree that minimum duration rental terms should be enacted.

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