Margate Mayor Investigates Baglivo’s New Apartment Complex

Watch video.

Another Margate code enforcement, inspection and zoning snafu?

As usual, it features a wide array of alleged screw-ups and this time… poor counting skills.

The developer said he built 6 units, but neighbors count 12.

Watch video above as we discuss Downbeach coverage of this ultra-sketchy apartment project built by Margate developer, Steve Baglivo.

Great reporting work by Nanette Lobiondo Galloway.

Margate Mayor Mike Collins and his Planning Board / Zoning office still looking for a solution.

Most think it’s too late for that.

Watch video.


29 thoughts on “Margate Mayor Investigates Baglivo’s New Apartment Complex”

  1. C’mon. Zoning folks watched this go up. Tear it down or a fine equivalent to the profit for the non-approved 6 units.

    1. There is ZERO chance of it being torn down. Be realistic. There likely will be fines, and penalties but you’re delusional if you think it’s coming down.

      1. I think the development looks sharp. If what is being said regarding the degree of violations shouldn’t be to hard to determine. That said , is it number of units in violation or the foot print of the entire block and lot over .

        How can there be significant disparity of what was approved vs the actual completed project? Inspections are made during the project .

        Beside the rhetorical and shallow wise ass comments. Can someone explain why a developer would risk developing with serious violation’s that have been mentioned ?

        1. I’m not sure why a developer would risk building the property with these serious violation.

          But if you look at the building from the parking lot, you can clearly see the number of units with apartment numbers next to the doors in one section, along with the privacy bump outs, and table and chairs along the balcony.

          I think this developer thinks he owns Margate.

          1. Rich crooked scumbags .Someone gets paid off and the developer pay a fine. Big deal. It’s who you know in this world, more who you pay off.

        2. Edward Shavelson

          How can you have a residential place with not enough parking for residents? Then the liquor store has no parking for customers. This should not be allowed.

          But it’s corruption. The biggest donor. They let him slide. Because it’s all about the money.

    2. Great article! It’s a shame this guy (Baggs) gets away with all his lies.

      The Margate board should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. I would think that a number of things MUST be done:

    a) look at all available parking spaces ONLY on the property!

    b) IF two vehicles are for each apt/condo and, there are only 12 spaces available; THEN, by law, the whole top floor must go.

    c) IF there are other spaces available (depending on how many), THEN, using 2, spaces/unit; that many MORE units could be kept, and, the rest, be torn down!

    d) NO MATTER WHAT, (letter is picked), a HEFTY FINE MUST BE DONE, more so, IF, IT IS Letter “b or, c”…!!!

  3. Horn and Mayor Collins. Baglivo was their largest (political) contributor.

    How did inspectors miss this during framing inspection?

    How did inspectors miss it during electrical and plumbing inspections?

    How did inspectors miss this during final inspection?

    How was a CO, certificate of occupancy issued?

    Mayor Collins said he was looking into it?

    This smells like a corrupt administration letting a political sponsor get his way.

    Is anyone receiving slight of hand stuffed envelopes.

    Margate’s residents are just starting to get screwed.

    1. Georgia Slonieski

      Great reply. I bet you there were five or more very heavy pails made in this deal.

      To me, it smacks of fraud and someone or many should go to jail.

  4. Rosalind Feldman-Tyman

    Un freakin believable. God hates ugly. The 2 P’S. There is no place to Park or Pee. Tear it down for parking and peeing! Your making me Jamaican me crazy!

    I now hate coming to work to hear the cry of the people. We can’t get to your store. NO PARKING. Can we use your BATHROOM?

    Get the trolley and put nice portable bathrooms behind fire department to deter bad behavior. The fire department is open 24 hrs with cameras and lights.

    People are peeing everywhere on the streets and driveways.

    My business is becoming impacted with no parking for ANYONE wanting to patronize any of our businesses. I’m sure there is a lawsuit for that ,,,,, Tommy would know !! There are no words to describe this failure. I hate to think I have to attend another public meeting and do a flip …… right Mel 🙃🙃🙃🤢🤢😈

    1. Go get em Roz! They are getting you and the residents.

      Maybe Eddie Berger, the Margate employee, will represent the business owners of the MBA and not Amodeo and Collins who are running the city.

      Bags is a smirking jerk who is lining the pockets of a few in Margate.

  5. I would hold up all permits, current and pending, for this developer until this situation is cleared up.

    If he cannot follow the rules for this project, what makes anyone think that he is following the rules for his other projects.

    Complete stop until the violations are rectified and inspections are completed on all other projects.

  6. This issue falls on Margate DCA ( building dept) before any house or multi family is built the developer MUST submit Twp Resolution and building permit. Twp should not have issued building permit if resolution and permit do not match.


    Who were the inspectors? The whole job while it was being built. Maybe those who look the other way are BLIND INSPECTORS. They should be fired for letting it get that far.

  8. So much to fix! This is just another example of a lack of fairness to the neighborhood and the playing of favorites for the benefit of a few. Just follow the money. It goes back years and can be seen in many decisions that end up badly.

    Mr Mayor, you need an independent investigation to protect the public interest and the builder in this situation. We need to know the real truth. Your advisory council and boards need to be transparent and open.

    It’s the responsibility of government to represent it’s citizens and not the self serving to business interests. Many believe that the latter has been the policy for many, many years.

    When challenged you said you would bring change but so far it’s the same old business as usual.

    Your family’s involvement in certain activities has created a lack of trust among many. You set the tone.

    I suggest you appoint a real independent person from outside Margate to conduct an honest and transparent review of the entire process over this and other situations.

    Lamberti’s, Chinese restaurant zoning issue, the site near ROZ’s business which should have been parking, the new build that was torn down because it was in danger of collapse and so much more.

    It’s time!! It’s about honest governance.

    1. Great points Aaron. Oversight is a great idea, is this something the county should do or the State?

      Did anyone recently pay the water/sewer Bill, or property taxes? I did, it looks like the developer of the apartments are paying water and sewer for 6 units, not twelve. Is that fair?

      My property is appraised for one kitchen, wonder what my property taxes would be with 12 kitchens? Hoping to get some answers after hearing the commissioners audio on Friday.

      People of Margate, try to attend the commissioners meeting at 5pm this Thursday and ask the questions that you have with this and any other items that are occurring in Margate, ie: The Tequila bar tear down.

      Don’t forget to demand that the zoning and commissioners meetings be streamed on teams or zoom and allow public comment from the comfort of their homes be it in Margate or elsewhere.

      We are all paying taxes and the city employees are working for the tax payers!

  9. NJ State and County Authorities need to immediately open an investigation into this matter.

    Its clear certain Margate officials are financially benefitting from this classic pay-to-play scheme, otherwise how do you justify the gross negligence of all municipal officials and city employees involved? Its simple, YOU CANT. These people are not THAT dumb.

    They are being told what to do for fear of losing their jobs so the Mayor can benefit from back room deals and patronage of the family hardware store.

    They pulled this off in broad daylight with so many watching, and now when questioned they respond with pure arrogance – “its all rumors, allegations, and there’s no proof of any violations.”

    Consider reporting any information or knowledge you have so the right thing can be done here:

    NJ State Attorney General’s Office:

    Atlantic County Prosecutors Office:

  10. It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession.

    I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.

    Wise words from RONALD REAGAN, and so very true.

  11. You can sit here and complain behind your anonymity but that will get nothing done. Do you think that there is a single company in America who doesn’t push the boundaries for a bigger profit ? If everyone did what was right because it was the right thing to do then we wouldn’t need laws, speed limits or rules… If you don’t like what’s going on run for office and change it !! Let’s see how many people are on the next ballot. Put your mouth on the ballot not where your keyboard is !! God bless America where you can do something about gov’t that you don’t approve of !!

  12. In the last election, I voted for what I hoped would be a change from the nepotism, corruption, and complete disregard to the people of the former “Residential Community by the Sea.” ALL 3 OF MY CHOSEN CANDIDATES LOST. Need I say anymore? I think not.

  13. Besides this Baglivo debacle, the commissioners have allowed Venturas to operate an illegal beach bar without a permit for over 4 years.

    The NJ DEP has already fined Ventura $46,000 for operating the beach bar illegally. Ventura signed a consent order that they would comply with the DEP requirements, which he violated.

    Ventura is now getting ready to open for summer 2024.

    Ventura doesn’t pay one penny in rent to Margate or the taxpayers to operate the beach bar. The beach bar creates noise, public urination, traffic and police actions.

    A enforcement letter was sent to Ventura and the City of Margate in Feb 2024 and both Margate and Ventura has ignored the DEP to remove the beach bar.

    Now the DEP is planning to escalate their enforcement to the NJ Attorney General.

    Maybe then Margate Commissioners and Ventura will get the message.

  14. No transparency. No Zoom meetings. Where were inspectors during framing, electric and plumbing inspections? Closing of walls inspection? Final and CO inspections?

    Letting developer construct a building with twice as many units as was approved? No parking for tenants. Big profit for developer. Who else made money?

    The current administration is playing Margate Property owners, the tax payers, as fools.



    The Sunrise Tequila Bar. Construction going on with no engineering report or stamped plans?

    They started construction before they even went to the Margate planning board.

    Paula Hartman’s daughter Dana is the owner of Tequila Bar. They were most likely given the wink wink nod nod and told privately that all is good.

    Hartman, a nice girl from Northeast HS in Philly. NOT A LOCAL but money talks in Margate politics.

    The voters of Margate voted for this governing body and watched as Maury Blumberg was screwed over by Horn and Collins. Without Blumberg, Collins and Horn would have lost!

    Maybe the people who commented that the FBI and AGs office have been contacted are telling the truth and those offices will investigate and save the people of Margate from further corruption.

    There is a commissioners meeting tonight. Show up and speak your mind or continue to be squashed like the bugs our administration think we are.

    Speak up Margate! Wake up Margate.

    The voters of Margate were duped.

    People now saying they made a mistake by voting for Collins, Horn, Blumberg.

  15. Corrupt to the core. If you look at the “Bags” building. There are only 6 meters that service the residential portion of the building. They knew all along what they were doing. This guy is a piece of work. Google his name and you will see all of the lawsuits open/pending against him. Hopefully his antics will catch up to him…

    As far as the government: There is a long list of items that are awfully shady.

    1. The Baglivo 6 is 12 zoning overlook…
    2. The complete teardown of a building and allowing them to continue construction without zoning review…
    3. Giving away 7 parking spaces on Amherst Avenue so a Margate builder can build his monstrosity on the bay (City said there was no use for the spaces!!!) …
    4. Allowing a bar on Atlantic Ave to build an outdoor stage for music with residential next door…

    Hopefully the State will perform an ethics review of what is going on… Taxation without representation… This government can not “oversee” itself.

    Lets hope things change for the better. Maybe a recall vote!

  16. Interesting story but the show host got a lot of the simple facts wrong. The mayor didn’t run unopposed, in fact there was an anti-development group that the voters obviously did not want or they would have been voted in.

  17. The other slate was not against development.
    They were for responsible and transparent development.

    I guess you believed what Collins and Horn told you.


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