Margate Planning Board’s Deepening Pool Problem

Margate Planning Board's Deepening Pool Problem 1 Margate Planning Board's Deepening Pool Problem
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No front yard pools. That’s city law in most towns, including Margate.

Yet one particular Margate property poses a unique challenge for the Planning Board lead by Chairman Rich Patterson.

The ‘perfect case’ for the Margate Planning Board. LISTEN:

Margate Planning Board Meeting, Oct. 26, 2023.

Like most shore towns, Margate must deal with high water tables. Takes forever to drain or de-water a hole dug for a pool. Digging can sometimes cause the ground to shift. Sink holes develop. Foundations may crack (see Tasca Amherst Ave lawsuit recently settled)

At one time, pools were considered to be like landscaping. They were seen as an ‘assist’ in drainage of rain water?

Margate Public comment from Amy Sieden: swimming pool in front yards. Water table too high. Dewatering takes long time. Ground shifting. Pools are impervious.

We’ve been talking about this for years. This board has got to be concerned with as much open area as we can. We basically paved over that.

Margate has four new Planning Board members.

Your duty is to see that projects are conforming to the intent of the master plan. Your job as a new board member is not to base your decision on the appearance of a house, but to see the project conforms to intent of master plan, unless that project has a unique situation.

Margate is over 90-95% impervious. It’s of utmost importance to this board that we require a minimum amount of vegetation. (for drainage)

We paved over the grass for more off-street, parking spaces.

Margate Planning Board Chairman Rich Patterson. Finding loopholes in the Margate masterplan.

Prime example of why live video streaming of Planning Board meetings is so important.

To date, Margate Mayor Michael Collins and Business Admin Ken Mosca still blocking live ZOOM video streaming of Planning Board meetings. Residents allege Collins not keeping campaign promise of more transparency. Mosca waiting for direction from Mayor.


1 thought on “Margate Planning Board’s Deepening Pool Problem”

  1. Why would this corrupt government , that is still run by John Amodeo want the public to know anything.
    Keep them in the dark .
    If you have matters to cover up or want it to be kept from the taxpayers , why put it on Zoom?
    Same old same old.
    They may have won but 42% voted against them.

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