Orsted Offshore Wind Project Cancelled, Again.


Governor Murphy not happy that wind giant Ørsted is giving up on New Jersey, again.

‘Today’s decision by Ørsted to abandon its commitments to New Jersey is outrageous and calls into question the company’s credibility and competence.’

On the other hand, Congressman Jeff Van Drew had this to say about this latest, ‘green energy’ misstep: ‘A very good day for fishermen, tourism, whales and dolphins, a good day for national security and finally a good day for our ratepayers.

Trick or treat? On Oct 31, Orsted reported that it will cease development of its Ocean Wind 1 and 2 turbine projects, just off the Jersey coast.

For years, Orsted Wind, along with NJ Gov Murphy, downplayed growing public outcry, legal push back, dead whales washing up on shore, and lack of promised local jobs.

Orsted’s board of directors had enough. “Extremely disappointed to announce that we are ceasing the development of Ocean Wind 1 and 2,” Orsted’s group director and CEO Mads Nipper.

Orsted said pulling out decision was made because of supply chain delays, rising interest rates, and lack of additional financial support from New Jersey taxpayers.

National security issues were raised but apparently ignored by mainstream media outlets like The Press of Atlantic City.

Murphy and NJ officials OK with foreign company controlling future energy supply.

Phil Murphy allowed Ørsted to keep federal tax credits, instead of returning funds back to taxpayers.

NJ Gov Murphy abused emergency powers to push this through. Some towns took money from Orsted. Kept them quiet. Mayor Nick Russo of Longport fearful of a rising ocean, but OK with building mansions on his beaches. Margate Mayor Mike Collins also took wind ‘hush money’. Ventnor, too.

We must destroy the environment, in order to save it.

MMSC, Marine Mammal Stranding Center eerily quiet thru all this. Why was that? So many dead mammals on the beach.

CAUTION: New Jersey still has several offshore wind projects in various stages of development.

Many, like County Commissioner Ernest Coursey, told us that we’re wasting our time, it’s a done deal. Even County Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick supported giving tax dollars to a foreign wind company.

Environmental activists sad about Ørsted news, but still criticized the company. Former director of disgraced New Jersey Sierra Club: ‘These projects were mishandled from the beginning by Ørsted. They didn’t listen to the public. Orsted thought they would get a blank check. Their arrogance is why these projects failed.’

Gov. Murphy’s clean energy agenda is not clean, green or effective in manipulating climate.

Another political loss for Murphy? The list grows. BLM riots, business lockdowns, mishandled pandemic response, sanctuary state status, loss of parental rights in schools, trans sex-ed for young children, academic failure in schools, etc.

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  1. Just wondering how much Orsted has been paid? One of their reasons for pulling out was “lack of additional funding”. Exactly how much has this cost us??!!

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