Margate Police Rescue 12 yr old & Grandmother From Dangerous Surf

Margate Police Surf Rescue
Surf Rescue

At approximately 4:36pm on September 16, 2023, the Margate City Police Department received multiple 9-1-1 calls in reference to two swimmers at the Wilson Avenue beach in distress.

Officer Brendan Campbell, who was already on the beach answering an unrelated call, immediately responded and ran into the surf.

Sergeant Chris Taroncher responded on an ATV minutes later and also entered the water to assist.

Both victims were hanging on to a nearby jetty and the officers were able to reach them there.

Officer Campbell and Sergeant Taroncher each pulled a victim from the water all the while struggling with the rough conditions and dangerous rip currents.

Both victims, a 12 year old girl and her 58 year old grandmother from East Stroudsberg Pennsylvania were treated on scene by the Margate City Fire Department and released.


Lieutenant Joe Scullion # 247

Platoon B Commander / Public Information Officer

Margate City Police Department

111 N. Decatur Avenue

Margate, NJ 08402

Office: (609) 822-1151

3 thoughts on “Margate Police Rescue 12 yr old & Grandmother From Dangerous Surf”

  1. Police reaction was incredible Absolutely no hesitation by Officer Campbell to be the first to arrive . Jump out of the truck and proceeded to the forge his was thru the rough waters I had a very difficult time determining who or what was out there ) non visible to me – thought maybe a dog got washed under) Within minutes both rescued and walked to shore ! Commendations to both police as we as the gentleman standing on the jetty offering guidance to the rescue team!

  2. Pretty irresponsible to be going out in the ocean when lifeguards are off duty and the ocean is dangerous. Respect the ocean. Lucky to be alive and not a statistic

    1. They were not swimming as they were dressed in street clothes I want to know the circumstances on how they ended that far out.

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