Margate Zoning Forgot About Flooding Due to Higher Property Grading. Duh.

Roger ‘The Dodger’ McLarnon & John ‘Great Scott’ Abbott

Margate Commissioners and department heads gathered on Nov 7.

One of the topics covered could have been called: How to legally raise your elevation and flood-out your neighbor.

Margate Zoning Officer, Roger ‘The Dodger’ McLarnon, finds himself on the hot seat again. He sheepishly admits some embarrassing facts. Gets really defensive too. Like someone trying to hide something.

Also….. esteemed Margate Solicitor, John ‘Great Scott’ Abbott does what he does best: baffles em’ with bull-sh*t. Give a listen:

Did Margate Solicitor Abbott simply mis-speak? Maybe Abbott’s just doing what lawyers do? We report, you decide.

Abbott claims City of Margate is not responsible to fix a ‘pre-existing condition’. OK, but this is not a pre-existing condition.

Abbott not impressed that the offending homeowner caused increased water runoff by changing the grade (height, level, slope, etc.) of their property…without adequate drainage.

Upon hearing Abbott’s shrug-off, resident Carole Weaver stepped up & voiced her displeasure about city’s nonchalant, dubious position on the property water run-off issue.

Why doesn’t City of Margate have an ordinance regarding change of grade on a property? When somebody changes grade of a property… they should get a ‘grading plan review’.

Geez. You mean Margate doesn’t have a grading plan review already in place? Nope. Another #FAIL for Margate Zoning & Construction office.

Roger McLarnon says both he and partner, Jimmy Galentino, ‘try to catch it on the site.’ Not very comforting, huh?

A problem that will only get worse. Mayor Becker and Tom Collins have yet to address this issue. Questionable, lax, selective enforcement.

Margate zoning laws in need of upgrade and better oversight.

Abbott threatened that City will need to raise taxes if stuff like this needs to be fixed. Kooky, fear-mongering lawyer speak. Designed to intimidate. Befuddle. Bewilder.

Why not have offending homeowner fix the problem caused by grade being changed?

Contractors are building 6 & 7 inches above grade? This can cause flooding issues for adjacent properties. McLarnon & Galantino making their own calls on this hot-button issue. See: Fox guarding hen-house.

At the very least, Abbott should have recommended a new ordinance. To address the issue. One that will only get worse.

Margate Over-Development & Municipal Malfeasance.

Margate over-development + selective enforcement of zoning law = growing nightmare.

Selective enforcement of common sense: the Margate Zoning Department featuring Roger McLarnon. Call for details. (609) 822-5438.

4 thoughts on “Margate Zoning Forgot About Flooding Due to Higher Property Grading. Duh.”

  1. Really???
    Is this a careless attitude of our solicitor and commissioners.
    Does our McLarnon have a clue or is he just running amuck,doing what he wants with no guidelines or ignoring the rules when he sees fit to do so?
    Margate tax payers are given stories and are stuck with water problems when the problem should not have happened in the first place.
    Why do we not have an ordinance in place regarding this type of situation.
    All sounds like incompetence on the part of our Abbott and McLarnon.
    This must change now!
    Enough double talk and lies.

  2. No only did Scott Abbott say it, he restated it extremely clear. Abbott doesn’t care about any old house, where new houses are being built.

    These new houses are being approved by a zoning board featuring the Mayor’s brother in-law (Tom Collins) who owns the local hardware store. His business has increased since being on the (Planning / Zoning ) panel. How fortunate for him.
    It’s how they line their pockets!

    They’re allowing new houses to be built where the parking is inadequate.

    All this will continue to go unanswered til our own City Council is impeached. Let’s start sending the message.

  3. Hello People of Margate! It’s about time that everyone realize that the 3 Amigos are beyond corrupt, everything they do is to line their pockets and that of their cronies. Until we wake up and vote them out, this stupidity will continue. We get what we deserve when we vote for this corruption. Stop bitching and start voting!!

  4. Political corruption is alive and thriving in Margate at the cost of the residents. Between the schools and nepotism in the offices. Thank goodness we have a great and solvent police force.

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